Banning The U.S. Constitution From Colleges?

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A student at N.C. State has made the claim that the US Constitution is degrading to women and people of non-white ethnic heritages. The student also stated that the Constitution allowed anyone to have and posses a gun. ~ N. Morgan - Video

Officials at N.C. State are set to implement a  plan to ensure "that there is no longer any Constitutions in the entry way of Berry Hall." Officials at other colleges such as Duke and UNC have refused to destroy U.S. Constitution or to participate in this plan. 

A UNC official not only refuses to ban Constitution, but also suggested that Project Veritas journalist needs "professional" help.


Via Campus Reform:

The multi-university Afrikan Black Coalition is calling for black people to engage in revolution and overthrow the Constitution, citing the need to "stop white people" in the "white supremacist world" of America.

"It is our human right to overthrow a government that has been destructive to our people," the Coalition claimed in a November 4 post titled "A New Constitution or the Bullet."

"If America fails to allow all people of this nation to write a new constitution, then it will be the bullet. Revolution is inevitable in a society that does not value the lives of all people," the Coalition threatened.

The Coalition goes on to declare that institutional racism (the same "˜evil' the student protestors at the University of Missouri claimed to be combatting) can't be overcome unless the Constitution is overthrown.

"A Constitution written by only white men will never serve the interests Black [sic] people. The Constitution was written for the ruling class of white men which constructed whiteness to be more valuable than any other race," the Coalition argues. "When we discuss institutional racism, it is essential that we realize the Constitution created it."

A November 9 post from the Coalition called for white people to be stopped at all costs and accuses whites of "stealing from other people," having trouble "minding their own business," and "respecting boundaries." According to the Coalition, the "religious indoctrination" engaged in by whites is an example of white people's failure to respect boundaries.


The video below shows the conversation between the student and a Project Veritas journalist.



December 2, 2015 - KnowTheLies





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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 12/02/2015 - 11:41am.


Rejectedplan (not verified) | Thu, 12/03/2015 - 2:19am

COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!!! NO ONE has the authority
to exclude Constitutional protections ANYWHERE
on US Soil!!!! End of Story!!!! Try some crap
like this with me, & YOUR school will have MY
fkng name on it, & YOU will be out of a fkng