Cut Poison Burn... The 'Treatment' For Cancer

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Why would the Cancer Industry and Big Pharma ever allow a cure for cancer? Billions upon billions of dollars are made each year by 'treating' cancer symptoms using the 'cut poison burn' process. These procedures rarely result in eliminating the cancer, instead giving the cancer patient 'more time' with the use of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation 'treatment'. ~ Documentary

This documentary paints a very clear picture of the Cancer Industry at work. Doctors give cancer victims very little hope of survival without 'treatments'. By using fear tactics, or hearing the words, "without 'treatment' you will may lose your life in three to six months."

Most cancer victims are already in a state of fear and panic over their diagnosis are then urged to begin 'treatment' immediately. Thinking there are no other options left, they sign papers 'willingly' giving consent to allow the 'cut poison burn' treatments to begin.

After three to six months of pain and suffering... the suffering is over. The Cancer Industry and those involved in the 'treatments' are handsomely rewarded for their service while in the next room, another victim has just  signed their consent form... 

The 'treatment' for cancer is a never ending vicious cycle with very few exceptions... the winners are always the same... the losers are always the same. With that said, where is the cure?

~ SadInAmerica




August 15, 2015 - Know The Lies


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 08/15/2015 - 12:15pm.