Don't Let Someone Steal Your Identity... Here's How To Disable The RFID Chip In Your Credit or Debit Cards

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 05/27/2015 - 8:53pm.

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A fantastic new video by R & T Preppers easily illustrates how to disable the RFID chip in your debit or bank card. RFID chips are becoming more commonplace in our everyday lives yet the technology remains very easy for thieves to exploit in order to steal another persons identity. ~ Video

According to R & T Preppers:

Newer bank cards DO NOT have the divot in the plastic to easily locate the RFID chip embedded into them. You must use a high powered flashlight to "see through" the card to locate the chip. Once located, use a hole punch to break through the chip, disabling the RFID function.

Disable RFID Chip In Credit Or Debit Cards

The software I used on my Samsung SGS3 cellphone is called "Electronic Pickpocket RFID" and can be found in the Google Play Store for free. It will not give you all the credit card information, but enough to test if the card does or does not have a RFID chip embedded. You must have a cell phone that has NFC technology for the app to work.

Electronic Pickpocket RFID

In newer credit and debit cards there is a RFID / NFC chip that allows you to use your card at stores without swiping the magnetic strip. It works by radio waves and is usually only good for around 6"³ or closer to the receiver.

The problem with this is it's a security problem as anyone with a small hand-held scanner can grab your information when they wave it by your back pocket. Also I have noticed that whenever you use this feature the transaction defaults to credit, not debit.

All you have to do it look on your credit / debit card in the reflection, and it will be a small indent in the plastic about 2 millimetre square. simply punch a hole through it and you will hear the chip crack. Once you do that the RFID chip is disabled and will no longer function. The magnetic strip will still work.




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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 05/27/2015 - 8:53pm.


Anonymous (not verified) | Sat, 07/18/2015 - 2:14am


I hope they steal his credit card and fuck up his credit, and cause him to overdraft mutliple times when he loses his job and can not afford to pay all the excess overdraft charges on his card.

Debit cards are impossible to overdraft, Idiots like this who thinks credit cards are not a problem should be taken out and shot for their fucking stupidty.

He has not lived long enough to know that you can lose jobs, you can lose the ability to pay off credit cards, econimic disaster can overtake you more easily when you rely on credit rather than debit cards.

Debit cards will only work if you have the money in the bank otherwise thay automatically decline the purchase. What better protection can you get not from a credit card they will continue to bill you the skys the limit.

This stupid kid needs to live longer and lose jobs and savings and find out how only a debit card can cover your ass financially when you do not have money and are living on welfare and foodstamps!

I hope he loses his job and finds out real soon what I am talking about then he can undestand what the other half of the country has to live through only having welfare and food stamps to get by on.

When he becomes homeless and jobless trying to live on credit and they fuck him over then we can all say "welcome to our world idiot!"