Dear President Putin and Russian People...

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A man video tapes a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin apologizing for the behavior of the UK government and media. He also talks about the Ukraine and thanks him for fighting the New World Order. YouTube would not allow him to post the entire transcript of his very sincere and moving video letter. ~ Video

This is part of his letter allowed by YouTube...

Dear President Putin and Russian People,

Please accept our apologies for the behavior of our Governments and Media. *

war in Ukraine *

MH17 *

Why are you the target of these lies and provocations? *

They supply Israel with weapons that are used for the wholesale slaughter of thousands of Palestinians. They militarize police in places like Ferguson, MO to protect and strengthen their power over the people.

They lie to start wars that take the lives of millions of people to increase their political power. They are despicable.5, 6 *

We reject the greed, hatred and lust for power displayed by our "leaders". We are outraged and horrified by the killing of millions of innocent people in the name of freedom and self defence. We want peace and justice for all people. *

We pray that we may instead foster a genuine peace that makes life on Earth worth living. *

(*) extra info that Youtube will not allow me to put here.

The entire transcript of his letter...




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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 09/07/2014 - 6:32pm.