The Strange Numerics of 9 and 11

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You can't talk about 9/11 without numerics. Some believe that numbers are pivotal in the organized religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Numerics to occultists have special meaning.

The number 11 according to Bible Believing Christian Meyer is "The number 11 is the Aquarian number since Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac."

According to E. W. Bullinger's research from 1967, the number 9 is divine judgment or finality, while 11 relates to disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration.

11 according to occultist Wynn Westcott means... "This seems to have been the type of a number with an evil reputation among all peoples."

Strangely enough, many 11s are present in the event of 9/11. They include the following:

*  It was Flight 11 that hit the First World Trade Center Towers. -Both towers look like a 11 in the sky and had Flight 11 had 11 crew members.

*  Each tower has 110 floors (11*10) -New York City has 11 letters and New York is the 11th state to join the United States

*  Air Force One has 11 letters -George W. Bush and Dick B. Cheney each have 11 letters. -Colin Powell has 11 letters -Afghanistan and Ramzi Yousef each have 11 letters as well.

*  The attack was in September 11 which is the 254th day of the year [2+5+4=11], and there are 111 days remaining in the year from 9/11.

*  The towers had a total of 21,800 windows [2+8+1=11] -Flight 11 also had 92 passengers [9+2=11]

*  The second plane that hit was Flight 77 [7*11=77] which had 65 passengers [6+5=11].

*  On 9/13, George W. Bush stood by a fireman wearing a helment #164 [1+6+4=11]

*  Bush ordered flag at half-mast for 11 days.

*  Flight 11 was American Airlines and their phone number is number was 1-800-245-0999 (1+8+0+0+2+4+5+0+9+9+9=47), 4+7 = 11

*  The third building #7 to fall had 47 stories = 4+7=11 -9-11 is the number for Help in many nations and 119 [1+1+9=11] is the area code for Iraq and Iran.

*  Rockefeller has 11 letters and the Rockefeller family had a lot of involvement in the funding and construction of the Twin Towers.

*  World Trade Center Towers have 22 letters (2*11=22)

*  On 9/11/73, Salvador Allende of Chile, the world's first democratically elected Marxist president, was overthrown by the U.S. in an admitted CIA-coup engineered by Nixon, Helms, and Kissinger; the same Henry Kissinger that was originally to head the 9/11 Commission "investigation.

*  September 11, 1941 was the ground breaking ceremony to construct the Pentagon.

*  Osama bin Laden's birthplace is Saudi Arabia and that too has 11 letters.

*  The phrase of "The Pentagon" has 11 letters.

*  Revelation 9:11 shows the mention of angel of the bottomless pit or Apollyon (meaning destruction).

The conclusion is that for decades, the elite plan events out from Depressions to wars.

It isn't unusual at all to see various descriptions of 9/11 at all to be seen in various forms of media spanning a long time even before the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Some of the globalists (as found in the elite bloodlines, the Vatican/Jesuit network, the Pilgrims, the Bilderbergers, etc.) are into the occult.

That is why some of them praise the owl in an occult Cremation of Care ritual of Bohemian Grove.

That is why some are in Freemasonry like numerous British Royals.

That is why Tony Blair have done New Age practices of trying to contact "the Light" in his attempt to find advice on political affairs.

That is wild to decide policies based upon occult rituals (instead of true God-given logic and reasoning of the issues). The goal for a new world order or global government isn't just political. It's a political, economic, and religious conspiracy to integrate the world into one entity basically.

Even HG Wells wrote of the conspiracy as seeking world socially that being planned in a complex fashion. These images almost seem like encoded productions.

People have a right to expose the truth pertaining to what transpired in 9/11. Also, individuals have every right to spread the truth and not be ashamed of it at all. ~ Source








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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 08/12/2014 - 2:01pm.