Shut Up Money?... Sandy Hook Actors Were Paid $27 Million Plus!... You Decide

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Why does the Obama administration continue to give the residents of Newtown, Connecticut massive amounts of (taxpayer) money? ~ Video - Links

Money collected from local community donations, from charities and online donations is happily being accepted along with very generous amounts coming from the government... Is this 'shut up' money?... You decide.

Nearly everyone in Sandy Hook had their homes paid off in full, with the closing transactions taking place ON Christmas Day, the only transactions made that day! Very strange indeed...

The huge government payouts are certainly questionable... Then there's the billions of dollars worth of free houses and property?... These folks hit the Big Kahuna! All of the people in the little town of Sandy Hook instantly became wealthy!

Where did this kind of money come from?... The donations poured in from very generous people who wanted to help pay for funeral costs and show support for the families of the 'dead' children. They were tricked by the 'tragedy' that never took place.

The free houses, properties and mega amounts of money may have 'government' written on it somewhere... we all know where the money really came from.

Those unaffordable 'gifts' came from hard working taxpayers who can't afford a house of their own, people who struggle to keep food on the table and the bills paid. This is how the folks in Sandy Hook became wealthy.




Everyone in town participated in this staged drama... the kids, parents, teachers, police, doctors, medics, coroner, the media, government officials... everybody! Then there's heart broken Obama...

As for the dead kids?... there weren't any. Everyone rehearsed their roll, kids, parents and teachers boo-hooing, even the parade of people at the firehall

What about Adam Lanza? He was never at the school. No valid records were found proving he ever existed...

The Sandy Hook School showed no internet activity for 5 years! In fact, the school was in poor condition and basically used for storage. There is no way classes were held there at the time of the 'shooting hoax'. Why were they there? The kids were the main actors.

See THIS video for proof Sandy Hook School was not being used. Also in this video is the story about the guy who disappeared with $73,000 of donation money he was in charge of collecting.

Sandy Hook was another of many false flags, a distraction for something else going on in the background we aren't supposed to notice. There will be many more, we just need to tune in to see if something else is happening at the same time... odds are, there is.


SadInAmerica - June 3, 2014 -


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What is the moral of this sick and twisted government orchestrated event?... Money, lots of money, the shredding of the Second Amendment and using a mental health diagnosis as a reason to grab our guns.




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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 07/03/2014 - 9:58pm.