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For some weeks we have been having difficulty accessing the website of our favorite presidential candidate, Ron Paul, who is the only long-time faithful follower of the Constitution of these United States of America. All other presidential candidates, of both major political parties, are only "bought-and-paid-for" pawns who are "owned" and manipulated by the hidden forces that are in control of our once independent republic. (Yes, we are a republic; we are not a "democracy," as the media, our government politicians, and school textbooks so wrongly tout.)

Two weeks ago my wife spent more than a half-hour on the phone talking to a technician at our Internet Service Provider when she was unable to access because, after many frustrating attempts, it was still impossible to access. The technician was very pleasant and seemingly helpful, but he did not solve the problem. A few days later, my wife spent almost two hours on the phone speaking to another technician, but with a different outcome. This technician happened to be a Ron Paul supporter, and even stated that his supervisor was also a Ron Paul supporter (which shows that there are even freedom lovers working in what might be the "enemy camp"!). The changes that were implemented by the technicians worked for a short time, but once again the website was inaccessible. This is a widespread problem which affects internet users in many states. We have finally resolved our problem (we hope!), but how many internet users in other service areas will be able to invest the time and needed tenacity to accomplish what we finally did?

Now, why would I make such an unkind statement about the internet service industry? Well, it has been obvious to anyone who is at all familiar with the news media that there has been an almost complete blackout during the current presidential campaign concerning presidential candidate Ron Paul. And, when some little information about Ron Paul is released by the standard news media, it is so twisted and convoluted that it turns out to be clever disinformation designed to dissuade the general public from supporting Dr. Paul's quest for the presidency. Our government leaders and the controlled press absolutely hate the internet because it is America's (and the world's) last remaining source of propaganda-free information, and they are pursuing steps to control the content of information that would be available to the public via the internet. Of course, the so-called "need" for government control is always couched in such a way that the people are falsely led to believe that government leaders are "protectors of the people," and if you believe that, there happens to be a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd like to sell you!

An example of media disinformation about Ron Paul's campaign is that Dr. Paul has backed down from running for the office of president - nothing could be further from the truth! The work of grass-root volunteers for Dr. Paul has been so strong in Pennsylvania that he gained enough support to be listed at the top of the ballot ticket in Pennsylvania! Also, he won the Republican primary race in Texas for his seat as representative of the 14th district by an extremely wide margin, but this fact was carefully skewed by the mainstream news media. So, as a result of my work as a precinct leader in Mercer County, PA, I am finding that most people who rely on the standard news media are completely ignorant about what is really going on! In short, the people are intentionally and purposefully being misled!

The purpose, of course, of this intentional misleading is to seduce the public into casting their votes for the "lesser of two evils" as the public weighs the available choices in their own minds. The "practical choice" the media presents to the public is either: Obama (heaven forbid!) or Clinton (heaven forbid!) on the Democratic ticket, versus McCain (heaven forbid!) on the Republican ticket. Media moguls, of course, assume that they will be successful in their long-term plan of co-opting the sources of the so-called "news" that they dribble out for public consumption. The media moguls, it must be understood, hate and fear a true constitutionalist like Ron Paul, so they want to cover up the fact that Dr. Paul is still a viable candidate for president! This emphasizes the dire need for American citizens to get their news from the uncontrolled internet or through the very few paper sources of un-propagandized news like The American Free Press . The future of our country depends on the American public having ready access to uncontrolled "news," lest we be quietly melded into a North American Union and then into the long-planned Talmudic New World Order which will bring on an international fascistic police state under which most Americans, and other peoples of the world, will serve the ruling elite as impoverished and enslaved peons!

Please note that I have not mentioned the name of my Internet Service Provider because I cannot absolutely prove that it is intentionally engaging in the "hanky panky" of freezing out crucial news about the Ron Paul campaign for president, but all the signs indicate that the problems in access are not accidental! The problems are too consistently reoccurring! And new reports of other freedom-oriented organizations keep coming across my desk. For instance: I just received a few minutes ago an email from the
Truth Attack group that has as its goal to enlighten the American public about the fact that the Sixteenth Amendment was never properly ratified and that the Income Tax is therefore unconstitutional. The email starts out thus, "WE ARE EXPERIENCING TROUBLES WITH OUR EMAIL SERVER AND THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT TO WAIT UNTIL THE WEB HOST DIAGNOSES AND SOLVES THE PROBLEM! (Yes, it was all in caps!) Another notice that has just come across my desk is entitled "GoDaddy Shuts Down Police Watchdog Site." This site aims at spreading the news about wrongful police brutality, but was closed down when some police sources complained.

My objective in reporting these efforts to control the news that reaches Americans is to put my fellow citizens (and hopefully, freedom-loving individuals) on notice that there are hidden powers who seek to control us. So, check out Ron Paul's website to see if you have ready access through your Internet Service Provider. If you are unable to gain quick access to his website, then you better pick up the phone and contact your ISP to see what is wrong!

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Tom Rose is retired professor of Economics at Grove City College, PA.  He is author of eight books and hundreds of articles on free-market economics. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 03/15/2008 - 7:10am.