An Open Challenge to Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 01/22/2008 - 10:31am.

Most of America wants to end the war. A recent poll in Iowa had 54% of Republicans wanting all of the troops home within 6 months. And that's Republicans.

If Kucinich and Paul really want to win, then they need to try harder to dispel the MSM brainwashing. To win, they must make these points clear before Feb 5th.

  • If a huge percentage of America wants the troops home within 6 months, why are the "top tier" candidates at the top? It makes no sense.1
  • The war was started on lies, there were no weapons... but now we have to stay forever? When we can't even afford basic services anymore? It makes no sense.

All of the Top Tier candidates will continue the war, while the two that pledge to end the war are pushed aside... the only thing that does make sense is: Ike was right.

The Military-Industrial Complex, the war machine now owns the media and are openly pushing the pro-war candidates- illustrated perfectly by NBC (GE) appealing to the NV Supreme Court to remove Kucinich from the Debate, and the NY Times excluding the two ant-war candidates, even though Ron Paul just won 2nd in Nevada!

Now- throw off the apathy and hopelessness- we can stand up to this war machine. How? By locking arms and uniting like the Bugs in Bug's Life.

We Can End the War on Feb 5th
NOT by Voting- but by being there to count the vote.

Kucinich and Paul also need to say something about the secret vote counting. Who wants a system where easily-hackable machines count the vote? Imagine if on their national tv appearances between now and Super Tuesday, they both encouraged voters to go down to the polls and ask for a hand count at that precinct. Congress isn't going to pass that law, so it's up to citizens in their counties to reclaim their right to a transparent election process.

If every Freedom Loving American could spare a few hours of a Tuesday night, we could save this country.

Go down to your polling location near closing time- NOT alone, but with a group of friends and a video camera. Alone they will just shush you away, but with a group, you will be able to reason with them, and if not, at least you'll get their rationale for a secret count on youtube.

The poll workers will probably tell you they've taken an oath to allow the machines to do the counting. They put the papers into the box and it sends the data to the central tabulator, a hackable windows computer, connected to the internet. This windows computer totals the votes and tells us who won. There is really no way of know if that is the true vote, because it's all counted by the machines. Even if you have a paper trail, it's useless if the machines are allowed to tally the result.

What's needed are citizens to demand a transparent count. In one precinct the number of votes ranges from 20 - 1000, a few hours at most to hand count, then post the results on the window and on the internet. Citizen Vote Verification.

One idea is to wait til after they steal it, then we'll try to prove the fraud.... or we could be on hand election night to ask for a transparent count. Which makes more sense?

When the polls workers give you grief, ask them things like:

  • Is secret vote counting Constitutional?
  • Who would want hackable computers to be the sole source of the election results?
  • Who set this system up and why?
  • Why not hand count just to doublecheck?
  • What's the harm in verifying the vote?

Videocam their responses.
Good Luck.

1. For the argument, "it's because other issues are driving voters this year, the war is out." BUllSHit. The war is where all of our money is going, so even for people that don't care about innocents dying for a phony 'war on terror', they know we need to stop throwing money down the drain.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 01/22/2008 - 10:31am.