What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About Driver's License

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If you have a driver's license, this is a MUST see ~ Documentary!

You could watch this video 10, 20 times, and learn everything in this video and you'd never be a target for the police again... never saw anything as comprehensive as this... Totally confirms the commercial nature of Police State. 

It's just corporations harassing the people who chose to "sign on as CITIZENS" (read corporate employees) and being slowly lead away from their understanding of fundamental rights.

If you want rights, you have to WORK for them, you must study, YOU are responsible for your own education, don't look to the government, public school system! For God's sake, stop watching ALL COP and Lawyer TV drama shows designed to program you! These shows make you even more susceptible to the FRAUD that is going on!...

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About this video...

The truth about drivers license and how you have been suckered by the government into paying for and abiding by rules that do not apply to any one individual when not engaged in any kind public transportation moving people or using roadways as a business for making money.

Eddie Craig presentation on traffic stops and how to act, including what to do and what not to do, plus education on maintaining your rights during traffic stops and other police encounters.

Currently under construction, Tao of Law aspires to be the most technologically-advanced, cutting-edge, web-based patriot community and patriot educational, unifying, organizational and mobilizing tool in existence.

Why "Tao" of Law? "Tao" is a Chinese word loosely meaning "way" or "path." Most accurately, Tao is not a name for a thing; rather, it is the underlying natural order and principles of the universe.

Thus, Tao of Law's goal is to teach not only true law, but also the underlying and guiding principles of law that the modern court system, judges, police officers, politicians, legislators - and even We the People - seem to have long forgotten.

Tao of Law is being built in two phases. All of the features, functions and tools that will be available when Tao of Law is initially launched are outlined in Phase-I at: http://logosradionetwork.com/tao/.

Even more (and more revolutionary) features, functions and tools are planned for addition under Phase-II, based on popularity, usage and financial support of the Phase-I features, functions and tools.

Meanwhile, a couple of free resources are currently available here: (Eddie Craig's Traffic Stop Practice Script - http://logosradionetwork.com/tao/down...), which will help you establish and maintain your rights during traffic stops and other encounters with police, and his (Cross-Examination Practice Script - http://logosradionetwork.com/tao/down...), which will guide you through cross-examination in court.

You can also grab a copy of Eddie's materials discussed in this video here: (http://logosradionetwork.com/tao/down...) the zip file is 382KB.

The future website for Eddie Craig's TAO will be located at http://TAOOFLAW.com


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 12:59am.