Did Your Congress Rep Vote Yes on CISPA?

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CISPA is a flagrant attempt to target political dissidents on the internet. The real goal is to put an end to "name and shame journalism" which whistleblowers now use to counter the influence of a corrupt judiciary, press and government.~ List


"Previously, CISPA allowed the government to use information for "cybersecurity" or "national security" purposes. Those purposes have not been limited or removed.

Instead, three more valid uses have been added: investigation and prosecution of cybersecurity crime, protection of individuals, and protection of children. Cybersecurity crime is defined as any crime involving network disruption or hacking, plus any violation of the CFAA.

Basically this means CISPA can no longer be called a cybersecurity bill at all.

The government would be able to search information it collects under CISPA for the purposes of investigating American citizens with complete immunity from all privacy protections as long as they can claim someone committed a "cybersecurity crime". Basically it says the 4th Amendment does not apply online, at all.

Moreover, the government could do whatever it wants with the data as long as it can claim that someone was in danger of bodily harm, or that children were somehow threatened—again, notwithstanding absolutely any other law that would normally limit the government's power." (Source)

Here is the complete list of Congressional votes on the issue in the House of Representatives. The Senate has yet to vote. To contact your Senator and ask him to vote NO on CISPA go here.

To Sign the Online Petition go HERE.




AYE       R     Young, Donald "Don"     AK

AYE       R     Bonner, Jo     AL 1st
AYE       R     Roby, Martha     AL 2nd
AYE       R     Rogers, Michael "Mike"     AL 3rd
AYE       R     Aderholt, Robert     AL 4th
NO         R     Brooks, Mo     AL 5th
AYE       R     Bachus, Spencer     AL 6th
NO         D     Sewell, Terri     AL 7th

AYE       R     Crawford, Rick     AR 1st
AYE       R     Griffin, Tim     AR 2nd
AYE       R     Womack, Steve     AR 3rd
AYE       D     Ross, Mike     AR 4th

NO         R     Gosar, Paul     AZ 1st
AYE       R     Franks, Trent     AZ 2nd
AYE       R     Quayle, Ben     AZ 3rd
NO         D     Pastor, Edward "Ed"     AZ 4th
NO         R     Schweikert, David     AZ 5th
AYE       R     Flake, Jeff     AZ 6th
NO         D     Grijalva, Raul     AZ 7th

AYE       D     Thompson, Michael "Mike"     CA 1st
AYE       R     Herger, Walter "Wally"     CA 2nd
AYE       R     Lungren, Daniel     CA 3rd
NO         R     McClintock, Tom     CA 4th
NO         D     Matsui, Doris     CA 5th
NO         D     Woolsey, Lynn     CA 6th
NO         D     Miller, George     CA 7th
NO         D     Pelosi, Nancy     CA 8th
NO         D     Lee, Barbara     CA 9th
AYE       D     Garamendi, John     CA 10th
NO         D     McNerney, Jerry     CA 11th
NO         D     Speier, Jackie     CA 12th
NO         D     Stark, Fortney "Pete"     CA 13th
NO         D     Eshoo, Anna     CA 14th
NO         D     Honda, Michael "Mike"     CA 15th
NO         D     Lofgren, Zoe     CA 16th
NO         D     Farr, Sam     CA 17th
AYE       D     Cardoza, Dennis     CA 18th
AYE       R     Denham, Jeff     CA 19th
AYE       D     Costa, Jim     CA 20th
AYE       R     Nunes, Devin     CA 21st
AYE       R     McCarthy, Kevin     CA 22nd
NO         D     Capps, Lois     CA 23rd
AYE       R     Gallegly, Elton     CA 24th
AYE       R     McKeon, Howard "Buck"     CA 25th
AYE       R     Dreier, David     CA 26th
NO         D     Sherman, Brad     CA 27th
NO         D     Berman, Howard     CA 28th
NO         D     Schiff, Adam     CA 29th
NO         D     Waxman, Henry     CA 30th
NO         D     Becerra, Xavier     CA 31st
NO         D     Chu, Judy     CA 32nd
NO         D     Bass, Karen     CA 33rd
NO         D     Roybal-Allard, Lucille     CA 34th
NO         D     Waters, Maxine     CA 35th
NO         D     Hahn, Janice     CA 36th
NO         D     Richardson, Laura     CA 37th
NO         D     Napolitano, Grace     CA 38th
NO         D     Sánchez, Linda     CA 39th
AYE       R     Royce, Edward "Ed"     CA 40th
AYE       R     Lewis, Jerry     CA 41st
AYE       R     Miller, Gary     CA 42nd
NO         D     Baca, Joe     CA 43rd
AYE       R     Calvert, Ken     CA 44th
AYE       R     Bono Mack, Mary     CA 45th
NO         R     Rohrabacher, Dana     CA 46th
NO         D     Sanchez, Loretta     CA 47th
AYE       R     Campbell, John     CA 48th
AYE       R     Issa, Darrell     CA 49th
AYE       R     Bilbray, Brian     CA 50th
NO         D     Filner, Bob     CA 51st
AYE       R     Hunter, Duncan     CA 52nd
NO         D     Davis, Susan     CA 53rd

NO         D     DeGette, Diana     CO 1st
NO         D     Polis, Jared     CO 2nd
AYE       R     Tipton, Scott     CO 3rd
AYE       R     Gardner, Cory     CO 4th
AYE       R     Lamborn, Doug     CO 5th
AYE       R     Coffman, Mike     CO 6th
NO         D     Perlmutter, Ed     CO 7th

NO       D     Larson, John     CT 1st
NO       D     Courtney, Joe     CT 2nd
NO       D     DeLauro, Rosa     CT 3rd
NO       D     Himes, James     CT 4th
NO       D     Murphy, Christopher     CT 5th

AYE       D     Carney, John     DE

AYE       R     Miller, Jeff     FL 1st
AYE       R     Southerland, Steve     FL 2nd
NO         D     Brown, Corrine     FL 3rd
AYE       R     Crenshaw, Ander     FL 4th
AYE       R     Nugent, Richard     FL 5th
AYE       R     Stearns, Clifford "Cliff"     FL 6th
AYE       R     Mica, John     FL 7th
AYE       R     Webster, Daniel     FL 8th
AYE       R     Bilirakis, Gus     FL 9th
AYE       R     Young, Bill     FL 10th
AYE       D     Castor, Kathy     FL 11th
AYE       R     Ross, Dennis     FL 12th
AYE       R     Buchanan, Vern     FL 13th
NO         R     Mack, Connie     FL 14th
NO         R     Posey, Bill     FL 15th
AYE       R     Rooney, Thomas     FL 16th
NO         D     Wilson, Frederica     FL 17th
AYE       R     Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana     FL 18th
NO         D     Deutch, Ted     FL 19th
NO         D     Wasserman Schultz, Debbie     FL 20th
AYE       R     Diaz-Balart, Mario     FL 21st
AYE       R     West, Allen     FL 22nd
NO         D     Hastings, Alcee     FL 23rd
AYE       R     Adams, Sandy     FL 24th
AYE       R     Rivera, David     FL 25th

AYE       R     Kingston, Jack     GA 1st
AYE       D     Bishop, Sanford     GA 2nd
AYE       R     Westmoreland, Lynn     GA 3rd
NO         D     Johnson, Henry "Hank"     GA 4th
NO         D     Lewis, John     GA 5th
AYE       R     Price, Tom     GA 6th
AYE       R     Woodall, Rob     GA 7th
AYE       R     Scott, Austin     GA 8th
AYE       R     Graves, Tom     GA 9th
AYE       R     Broun, Paul     GA 10th
AYE       R     Gingrey, John "Phil"     GA 11th
AYE       D     Barrow, John     GA 12th
AYE       D     Scott, David     GA 13th

AYE       D     Hanabusa, Colleen     HI 1st
NO         D     Hirono, Mazie     HI 2nd

NO         D     Braley, Bruce     IA 1st
NO         D     Loebsack, David     IA 2nd
AYE       D     Boswell, Leonard     IA 3rd
AYE       R     Latham, Thomas "Tom"     IA 4th
AYE       R     King, Steve     IA 5th

AYE       R     Labrador, Raúl     ID 1st
NO         R     Simpson, Michael "Mike"     ID 2nd

NO         D     Rush, Bobby     IL 1st
NO         D     Jackson, Jesse     IL 2nd
AYE       D     Lipinski, Daniel     IL 3rd
NO         D     Gutiérrez, Luis     IL 4th
NO         D     Quigley, Mike     IL 5th
AYE       R     Roskam, Peter     IL 6th
NO         D     Davis, Danny     IL 7th
NO         R     Walsh, Joe     IL 8th
NO         D     Schakowsky, Janice "Jan"     IL 9th
AYE       R     Dold, Bob     IL 10th
AYE       R     Kinzinger, Adam     IL 11th
NO         D     Costello, Jerry     IL 12th
AYE       R     Biggert, Judy     IL 13th
AYE       R     Hultgren, Randy     IL 14th
NO         R     Johnson, Timothy     IL 15th
AYE       R     Manzullo, Donald     IL 16th
AYE       R     Schilling, Robert "Bobby"     IL 17th
AYE       R     Schock, Aaron     IL 18th
AYE       R     Shimkus, John     IL 19th

NO         D     Visclosky, Peter     IN 1st
AYE       D     Donnelly, Joe     IN 2nd
AYE       R     Stutzman, Marlin     IN 3rd
AYE       R     Rokita, Todd     IN 4th
AYE       R     Burton, Dan     IN 5th
NO         R     Pence, Mike     IN 6th
NO         D     Carson, André     IN 7th
NO         R     Bucshon, Larry     IN 8th
AYE       R     Young, Todd     IN 9th

AYE       R     Huelskamp, Tim     KS 1st
AYE       R     Jenkins, Lynn     KS 2nd
AYE       R     Yoder, Kevin     KS 3rd
AYE       R     Pompeo, Mike     KS 4th

AYE       R     Whitfield, Edward "Ed"     KY 1st
AYE       R     Guthrie, Brett     KY 2nd
NO         D     Yarmuth, John     KY 3rd
NO         R     Davis, Geoff     KY 4th
AYE       R     Rogers, Harold "Hal"     KY 5th
AYE       D     Chandler, Ben     KY 6th

AYE       R     Scalise, Steve     LA 1st
NO         D     Richmond, Cedric     LA 2nd
NO         R     Landry, Jeff     LA 3rd
NO         R     Fleming, John     LA 4th
AYE       R     Alexander, Rodney     LA 5th
AYE       R     Cassidy, Bill     LA 6th
AYE       R     Boustany, Charles     LA 7th

NO       D     Olver, John     MA 1st
NO       D     Neal, Richard     MA 2nd
NO       D     McGovern, James "Jim"     MA 3rd
NO       D     Frank, Barney     MA 4th
NO       D     Tsongas, Niki     MA 5th
NO       D     Tierney, John     MA 6th
NO       D     Markey, Edward "Ed"     MA 7th
NO       D     Capuano, Michael     MA 8th
NO       D     Lynch, Stephen     MA 9th
NO       D     Keating, William     MA 10th

AYE     R     Harris, Andy     MD 1st
AYE     D     Ruppersberger, Dutch     MD 2nd
NO       D     Sarbanes, John     MD 3rd
NO       D     Edwards, Donna     MD 4th
NO       D     Hoyer, Steny     MD 5th
AYE     R     Bartlett, Roscoe     MD 6th
NO       D     Cummings, Elijah     MD 7th
NO       D     Van Hollen, Christopher "Chris"     MD 8th

NO       D     Pingree, Chellie     ME 1st
NO       D     Michaud, Michael     ME 2nd

AYE     R     Benishek, Dan     MI 1st
AYE     R     Huizenga, Bill     MI 2nd
NO       R     Amash, Justin     MI 3rd
AYE     R     Camp, David "Dave"     MI 4th
NO       D     Kildee, Dale     MI 5th
AYE     R     Upton, Frederick "Fred"     MI 6th
AYE     R     Walberg, Timothy     MI 7th
AYE     R     Rogers, Michael "Mike"     MI 8th
NO       D     Peters, Gary     MI 9th
AYE     R     Miller, Candice     MI 10th
NO       R     McCotter, Thaddeus "Thad"     MI 11th
NO       D     Levin, Sander     MI 12th
NO       D     Clarke, Hansen     MI 13th
NO       D     Conyers, John     MI 14th
NO       D     Dingell, John     MI 15th

NO       D     Walz, Timothy     MN 1st
AYE     R     Kline, John     MN 2nd
AYE     R     Paulsen, Erik     MN 3rd
NO       D     McCollum, Betty     MN 4th
NO       D     Ellison, Keith     MN 5th
AYE     R     Bachmann, Michele     MN 6th
AYE     D     Peterson, Collin     MN 7th
AYE     R     Cravaack, Chip     MN 8th

NO       D     Clay, William     MO 1st
NO       R     Akin, Todd     MO 2nd
NO       D     Carnahan, Russ     MO 3rd
AYE     R     Hartzler, Vicky     MO 4th
NO       D     Cleaver, Emanuel     MO 5th
AYE     R     Graves, Samuel "Sam"     MO 6th
AYE     R     Long, Billy     MO 7th
NO       R     Emerson, Jo Ann     MO 8th
AYE     R     Luetkemeyer, Blaine     MO 9th

AYE     R     Nunnelee, Alan     MS 1st
NO       D     Thompson, Bennie     MS 2nd
AYE     R     Harper, Gregg     MS 3rd
AYE     R     Palazzo, Steven     MS 4th

NO       R     Rehberg, Dennis "Denny"     MT

North Carolina
AYE       D     Butterfield, George "G.K."     NC 1st
AYE       R     Ellmers, Renee     NC 2nd
NO         R     Jones, Walter     NC 3rd
NO         D     Price, David     NC 4th
AYE       R     Foxx, Virginia     NC 5th
AYE       R     Coble, Howard     NC 6th
AYE       D     McIntyre, Mike     NC 7th
AYE       D     Kissell, Larry     NC 8th
AYE       R     Myrick, Sue     NC 9th
NO         R     McHenry, Patrick     NC 10th
AYE       D     Shuler, Heath     NC 11th
NO         D     Watt, Melvin "Mel"     NC 12th
NO         D     Miller, Bradley "Brad"     NC 13th

North Dakota
AYE       R     Berg, Rick     ND

AYE       R     Fortenberry, Jeffrey     NE 1st
AYE       R     Terry, Lee     NE 2nd
AYE       R     Smith, Adrian     NE 3rd

New Hampshire
AYE       R     Guinta, Frank     NH 1st
AYE       R     Bass, Charles "Charlie"     NH 2nd

New Jersey
NO         D     Andrews, Robert "Rob"     NJ 1st
AYE       R     LoBiondo, Frank     NJ 2nd
AYE       R     Runyan, Jon     NJ 3rd
AYE       R     Smith, Christopher "Chris"     NJ 4th
AYE       R     Garrett, Scott     NJ 5th
NO         D     Pallone, Frank     NJ 6th
AYE       R     Lance, Leonard     NJ 7th
NO         D     Pascrell, William "Bill"     NJ 8th
NO         D     Rothman, Steven     NJ 9th
AYE       R     Frelinghuysen, Rodney     NJ 11th
NO         D     Holt, Rush     NJ 12th
NO         D     Sires, Albio     NJ 13th

New Mexico
NO       D     Heinrich, Martin     NM 1st
NO       R     Pearce, Steven "Steve"     NM 2nd
NO       D     Luján, Ben     NM 3rd

NO         D     Berkley, Shelley     NV 1st
AYE       R     Amodei, Mark     NV 2nd
AYE       R     Heck, Joe     NV 3rd

New York
AYE       D     Bishop, Timothy     NY 1st
AYE       D     Israel, Steve     NY 2nd
AYE       R     King, Peter "Pete"     NY 3rd
AYE       D     McCarthy, Carolyn     NY 4th
NO         D     Ackerman, Gary     NY 5th
NO         D     Meeks, Gregory     NY 6th
NO         D     Crowley, Joseph     NY 7th
NO         D     Nadler, Jerrold     NY 8th
AYE       R     Turner, Robert     NY 9th
AYE       D     Towns, Edolphus "Ed"     NY 10th
NO         D     Clarke, Yvette     NY 11th
NO         D     Velázquez, Nydia     NY 12th
AYE       R     Grimm, Michael     NY 13th
NO         D     Maloney, Carolyn     NY 14th
NO         D     Rangel, Charles     NY 15th
NO         D     Serrano, José     NY 16th
NO         D     Engel, Eliot     NY 17th
NO         D     Lowey, Nita     NY 18th
AYE       R     Hayworth, Nan     NY 19th
NO         R     Gibson, Chris     NY 20th
NO         D     Tonko, Paul     NY 21st
NO         D     Hinchey, Maurice     NY 22nd
AYE       D     Owens, William     NY 23rd
AYE       R     Hanna, Richard     NY 24th
AYE       R     Buerkle, Ann Marie     NY 25th
AYE       D     Hochul, Kathleen     NY 26th
NO         D     Higgins, Brian     NY 27th
NO         D     Slaughter, Louise     NY 28th
AYE       R     Reed, Tom     NY 29th

AYE       R     Chabot, Steven "Steve"     OH 1st
AYE       R     Schmidt, Jean     OH 2nd
AYE       R     Turner, Michael     OH 3rd
AYE       R     Jordan, Jim     OH 4th
AYE       R     Latta, Robert     OH 5th
AYE       R     Johnson, Bill     OH 6th
AYE       R     Austria, Steve     OH 7th
NO         D     Kaptur, Marcy     OH 9th
NO         D     Kucinich, Dennis     OH 10th
NO         D     Fudge, Marcia     OH 11th
AYE       R     Tiberi, Patrick "Pat"     OH 12th
NO         D     Sutton, Betty     OH 13th
AYE       R     LaTourette, Steven     OH 14th
AYE       R     Stivers, Steve     OH 15th
AYE       R     Renacci, Jim     OH 16th
NO         D     Ryan, Timothy     OH 17th
AYE       R     Gibbs, Bob     OH 18th

AYE       R     Sullivan, John     OK 1st
AYE       D     Boren, Dan     OK 2nd
AYE       R     Lucas, Frank     OK 3rd
AYE       R     Cole, Tom     OK 4th
AYE       R     Lankford, James     OK 5th

NO         D     Bonamici, Suzanne     OR 1st
AYE       R     Walden, Greg     OR 2nd
NO         D     Blumenauer, Earl     OR 3rd
NO         D     DeFazio, Peter     OR 4th
AYE       D     Schrader, Kurt     OR 5th

NO         D     Brady, Robert     PA 1st
NO         D     Fattah, Chaka     PA 2nd
AYE       R     Kelly, Mike     PA 3rd
AYE       D     Altmire, Jason     PA 4th
AYE       R     Thompson, Glenn     PA 5th
AYE       R     Gerlach, Jim     PA 6th
AYE       R     Meehan, Patrick     PA 7th
AYE       R     Fitzpatrick, Michael     PA 8th
AYE       R     Shuster, William "Bill"     PA 9th
NO         R     Marino, Thomas     PA 10th
AYE       R     Barletta, Lou     PA 11th
AYE       D     Critz, Mark     PA 12th
NO         D     Schwartz, Allyson     PA 13th
NO         D     Doyle, Michael "Mike"     PA 14th
AYE       R     Dent, Charles     PA 15th
AYE       R     Pitts, Joseph     PA 16th
NO         D     Holden, Tim     PA 17th
AYE       R     Murphy, Tim     PA 18th
AYE       R     Platts, Todd     PA 19th

Rhode Island
NO         D     Cicilline, David     RI 1st
AYE       D     Langevin, James "Jim"     RI 2nd

South Carolina
AYE       R     Scott, Tim     SC 1st
AYE       R     Wilson, Addison "Joe"     SC 2nd
AYE       R     Duncan, Jeff     SC 3rd
AYE       R     Gowdy, Trey     SC 4th
AYE       R     Mulvaney, Mick     SC 5th
AYE       D     Clyburn, James "Jim"     SC 6th

South Dakota
AYE       R     Noem, Kristi     SD

AYE       R     Roe, Phil     TN 1st
AYE       R     Duncan, John "Jimmy"     TN 2nd
AYE       R     Fleischmann, Chuck     TN 3rd
AYE       R     DesJarlais, Scott     TN 4th
AYE       D     Cooper, Jim     TN 5th
AYE       R     Black, Diane     TN 6th
AYE       R     Blackburn, Marsha     TN 7th
AYE       R     Fincher, Stephen     TN 8th
NO         D     Cohen, Steve     TN 9th

NO         R     Gohmert, Louis     TX 1st
AYE       R     Poe, Ted     TX 2nd
AYE       R     Johnson, Samuel "Sam"     TX 3rd
NO         R     Hall, Ralph     TX 4th
AYE       R     Hensarling, Jeb     TX 5th
NO         R     Barton, Joe     TX 6th
AYE       R     Culberson, John     TX 7th
AYE       R     Brady, Kevin     TX 8th
NO         D     Green, Al     TX 9th
AYE       R     McCaul, Michael     TX 10th
AYE       R     Conaway, Michael     TX 11th
AYE       R     Granger, Kay     TX 12th
AYE       R     Thornberry, William "Mac"     TX 13th
NO         R     Paul, Ronald "Ron"     TX 14th
NO         D     Hinojosa, Rubén     TX 15th
NO         D     Reyes, Silvestre     TX 16th
AYE       R     Flores, Bill     TX 17th
NO         D     Jackson-Lee, Sheila     TX 18th
AYE       R     Neugebauer, Randy     TX 19th
AYE       D     Gonzalez, Charles "Charlie"     TX 20th
AYE       R     Smith, Lamar     TX 21st
AYE       R     Olson, Pete     TX 22nd
NO         R     Canseco, Francisco "Quico"     TX 23rd
NO         R     Marchant, Kenny     TX 24th
NO         D     Doggett, Lloyd     TX 25th
AYE       R     Burgess, Michael     TX 26th
NO         R     Farenthold, Blake     TX 27th
AYE       D     Cuellar, Henry     TX 28th
NO         D     Green, Raymond "Gene"     TX 29th
NO         D     Johnson, Eddie     TX 30th
AYE       R     Carter, John     TX 31st
AYE       R     Sessions, Peter "Pete"     TX 32nd

NO         R     Bishop, Rob     UT 1st
AYE       D     Matheson, Jim     UT 2nd
AYE       R     Chaffetz, Jason     UT 3rd

AYE       R     Wittman, Rob     VA 1st
NO         R     Rigell, Scott     VA 2nd
NO         D     Scott, Robert "Bobby"     VA 3rd
AYE       R     Forbes, Randy     VA 4th
AYE       R     Hurt, Robert     VA 5th
AYE       R     Goodlatte, Robert "Bob"     VA 6th
AYE       R     Cantor, Eric     VA 7th
AYE       D     Moran, James "Jim"     VA 8th
AYE       R     Griffith, Morgan     VA 9th
AYE       R     Wolf, Frank     VA 10th
AYE       D     Connolly, Gerald     VA 11th

NO       D     Welch, Peter     VT

AYE       D     Larsen, Rick     WA 2nd
AYE       R     Herrera Beutler, Jaime     WA 3rd
AYE       R     Hastings, Doc     WA 4th
AYE       R     McMorris Rodgers, Cathy     WA 5th
AYE       D     Dicks, Norman "Norm"     WA 6th
NO         D     McDermott, James "Jim"     WA 7th
AYE       R     Reichert, Dave     WA 8th
AYE       D     Smith, Adam     WA 9th

AYE       R     Ryan, Paul     WI 1st



May 1, 2012 - Paul Drockton


Remember these traitors on election day!




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