Cybersecurity... Vote Friday" "“ Please "Withdraw Your Consent"!

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Quote of the Day... "If you believe in privacy and free markets, you should be deeply concerned about the proposed marriage of government intelligence gathering with private, profit-seeking companies. CISPA is Big Brother writ large, putting the resources of private industry to work for the nefarious purpose of spying on the American people." - Rep. Ron Paul ~ related articles


Thanks to you . . .

Rep. Mike Rogers has embraced "good changes" to his cybersecurity bill
(CISPA). You can see the changes here.

You caused this. DC Downsizers were part of an army that "withdrew
consent" from CISPA. And Rogers addressed some of your concerns.


But . . .

* There are STILL fundamental flaws to the bill.

* And the House Rules Committee has refused to allow amendments to
address these flaws.

This means CISPA must be defeated... and the House vote is scheduled
for Friday. <>

Please call your Rep. You'll see the number when you log in at our
"Hands Off the Internet" campaign.

You can say this . . .

I'm calling to oppose the CISPA cybersecurity bill. I don't want
companies spying on me, and then sharing my private info with the
government. I don't see how this protects me from cyber attacks.

It's that simple. And while you're on the page of our "Hands Off the
Internet" campaign, please send a letter too.

You can copy or edit this one . . .

Oppose CISPA (HR 3523). I don't want companies spying on me and giving
my private info to the Feds. I'm shocked that this bill would allow my
Internet activities to flow directly to the NSA. If I want to talk to
the NSA I'll call them. Otherwise the Constitution and common sense
says they need a warrant to spy on me.

I don't even trust the motives behind this bill. As TechDirt asks
): Why should I be afraid of cyber-attacks if Congressmen don't even
secure their own websites? You're a more likely target than I am. I
think this bill is a fraud.

I withdraw my consent to be governed in this way. Oppose CISPA!


You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful
System. <>

We thank you for taking action, and for sharing this with your social
networks and friends.

James Wilson

Policy Research Director, Inc.


Jack Blood - April 26, 2012 - DeadLineLive


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 04/27/2012 - 12:41pm.