Secret Military Codes Hidden In Road Signs!!! (TACMARS)

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I'm not sure if many of you have heard about this conspiracy theory… It's about our road signs having secret "military codes" hidden on the signs. This refers to a reflective sticker that is placed on the rear of these signs. H.R. Green, Jr.
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Well I have CONFIRMED this story with my own eyes and you can too. It's simple go drive around town as a passenger in the car of course and look at the back of the signs.

The most popular one I have found is in front of a store like Walgreen's, Rite Aid or somewhere else that does Vaccinations and Photo IDs… Now if it's like the one by my house there is a sign pointing to the two different roadways.

It just so happens to be pointing directly into the store and there is one of these reflective stickers on this sign...

This is for when they "round up" everyone to be vaccinated and get a "new" government ID...

There is this one site which is no longer online but his pages still can be accessed by using the Internet Archive . Below I'm going to including some of his research about the secret codes in our road signs…

Embedded in our nation's road sign system is a secret coding designed to target vital sites, facilities, routes and resources for military confiscation during a National Emergency.

Though, concealed by the lies of the Department of Transportation for many years, "Free Indeed Research" has tapped deeply into one of the most clever, and deceptive cover-up operations to come down the pike in years!  

(If you think GPS will be working normally in the scenario described above, think again.)

The United Nations military has plans to become the cop soldiers of the world. Unknown to the general populace, a "Rapid Deployment" force stands ready to enter U.S. borders at the request of the President of the United States during a national emergency.

They will perform "peacekeeping" operations such as evacuations, rounding up dissenters, confiscating firearms and incurring facilities and sites for military use.

These forces are laced with foreign troops that do not speak English. Therefore, as a tactical advance, all nations have been secretly revamping their roads sign systems to conform to an international standard under the guise of the WTO.

It is our belief that these signs and reflective markers "TACMARS" on the backs of many signs are coded to target vital sites, facilities and resources to be confiscated and used by these troops.

How the quadrant sign codes works:

1. Signs are divided in half, left and right.

2. Markers positioned on the right side, point right.

3. Markers on the left side, point left.

4. Markers turned on "end" are an arrow "UP" code, signifying a site for pick-up helicopter airlifts

5. Marker on top means straight ahead

6. Double ended arrow denotes an airlift facility

7. 3 arrows denotes a facility

8. 2 arrows denote the direction of the operational site

9. The coding on the stickers is also used to point to drugstores with passport photo services. Under martial law, this facility may be used for medical care, inoculation/vaccination, and creation of ID cards.

Tacmars' are used to encode the following:

* Directions to closest military installations

* Directions to closest triage or quarantine facilities

* Facilities with Internet access, for the following purposes: Communications  Identification and/or background search of individuals

* Directions to closest detention facilities

In-case this is a true conspiracy, you can easily trick the military by using fake marks or even by removing these Tacmars symbols.

"For many years now, under the guidance of federal and local managers, every city, town and village in the U.S. has been covertly set up by manipulating and using our sign system to target and mark vital sites, facilities and resources for confiscation and seizure by the military."

Even when they were in the Middle East these Tacmars were used by all the different military's as stated below by a NAVAL CHIEF PETTY OFFICER...

"˜While I was stationed in Beirut, Lebanon after the bombing in the 80's, I saw those markers (tacmars) put on the back of their roadsigns to bridge language barriers among multinational peacekeepers doing military operations in the city.' (CPO A.Phillips U.S.N.)

I also seen this one the other day, it was a sign pointing to the Courthouse and it had a question mark of it…?! 

We have seen lots of signs that confirm the configurations are not just random, but are part in a clever directional system called "TACMARS" ("tactical markers") a code system for military use.

So are they used by UN Peacekeepers, Our Military, Soon to be Martial Law, or Nuclear War? The real question is who decides to spend the money and the time to map out towns and cities for a future "disaster." The MILITARY! They will be the ones that will be putting the citizens in (FEMA) concentration camps...

The government has so many executive orders that "allow" them to control all the major necessities like communications, food, travel and much more.. No Rule of Law… No Rights… And No Way of surviving…

Start taking pictures of signs near your house and send them to but we will include all the ones we have below in a slide-show...

These Tacmars are real and they are for official military use. Which makes it really scary and real that something is going to happen real soon.

Share this with your friends and family, people need to know about this.. Keep your eyes open!


H.R. Green, Jr. - April 25, 2012 - USAHitman


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 04/25/2012 - 3:49pm.


H.R. Green Jr. (not verified) | Sat, 05/31/2014 - 7:43pm


I would like to thank you for continuing the research we started back in 1994 when myself and several friends of mine set out to try to decipher the code system on Michigan road signs. After spending much time praying for God to show me the truth about these markers, one night we came upon the "Shawono Center", a detention facility near Camp Graying Military Reserve. There were large "blue" reflective "tacmars" on the facility signs at the east and west approaches positioned on the signs, quadrantly placed to show direction (these markers are deciphered using side mirrors and are navigationally correct viewing them this way.)

Coming from both directions proved to point into the same road; "Howes Lake Road". About 1/4 mile on the right another sign with a tacmar on the left rear corner of the sign pointed in to the gated entrance to the "prison". We also learned markers in 3's are FEMA/NATO codes from the GENEVA CONVENTION article 66 sub-paragraph for ID codes in 3's and the "triangle". This is the universal code number for "chaos" and "emergency" world-wide. Opposite pointing markers mark heliports or facilities to register, sort, and transport populace. Markers turned on end are "pointing up"; another code signal for the FEMA/NATO "triangle". The codes are in "arrows" on the FRONTS of signage, using the same format as the markers--"arrows up" = marker "turned on end". "Opposite pointing" arrows = 2 Markers positioned in "opposite quadrants".

Those photos you have posted were taken by me in 2000 in Lake City, Michigan. The lower photo is marking a back service entrance to Lake City High School leading to the Gymnasium (sorting facility) and Athletic fields (heliports)Note the "3" markers on the right is the FEMA/NATO ID code for an emergency (martial law) site. Opposite markers are helicopter "transfer" signals. Those are NATO signal corps configurations. The "small blue marker" on upper left sign is a directional marker from the 1980's and 90's pointing into the service road entrance.

God bless you all,

H. R. Green Jr.