Obama to 'Look' into Bush's War Crimes... (What???)

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Don't hold your breath. Obama has admitted he would rather just move forward instead of focus on the past. ~ Shepard Ambellas ~ Video

There has been an overwhelming outcry from the populace of the United States when it comes to war crimes that were committed by George W. Bush during his former presidential term.

Several interrogation techniques used by the former Bush Administration have been deemed illegal and are considered "War Crimes" by law.

In fact, current president Barrack Obama has recently been under fire in the media for not responding to the matter.

Once upon a time, former president George W. Bush actually admitted that torture is illegal when he was asked the question by a reporter, despite his blatant use of torture tactics during his presidency which has been criticized by many. This could be damaging to the former president (Bush) as he also previously stated;

 "The American people need to know we're using techniques within the law to protect them."

A recent interview a few weeks ago with Philip Zelikow detailed how the office legal council instructed Bush administration officials that torture was indeed legal.

An excerpt from the GuardianUK reveals;

Philip Zelikow, who was the US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice"˜s most senior official, told the Guardian that he now regards what officials euphemistically called "enhanced interrogation", such as sleep deprivation and waterboarding, as torture - although he did not use that word at the time and is reluctant to use it now.

Zelikow, whose official position was counsellor to Rice, said he had her support on the issue. As the state department's representative on the National Security Council committee considering legal issues around violent interrogations, he expressed his concerns at the time in a top secret 2006 memorandum.

The memo, to other members of the committee who represented the justice and defence departments and intelligence services, warned that the CIA's use of waterboarding and other abuses were almost certainly in breach of US and international law. But the memo so alarmed the administration that it was immediately rejected and all copies were ordered destroyed.

A draft version of the memo, found at the state department, was released this week following a freedom of information request by the National Security Archive in Washington.

Zelikow told the Guardian in an email exchange that while he did not use the word torture in the memo, he believes that is what the CIA was using. "I do regard the interrogation practices and conditions of confinement, taken together, as torture - in the ordinary layman's use of this term.

But … "˜torture' is also a term with a carefully worded legal meaning and definition. So I tend to avoid talking about "˜torture' because it would appear I'm accusing officials of criminal activity, which I'm not sure was the case," he said.

"I have sometimes just referred to "˜physical torment' instead, which seems expressive and is accurate."

Zelikow said he is uncertain whether individuals in the CIA or other services are guilty of war crimes or have other criminal liability over the use of torture because they were told by the office of legal counsel, which provides legal advice to the president, that techniques such waterboarding, which causes the sensation of drowning, sleep deprivation and stress positions, were legal.

RT goes on to report today;


Under American law this is just not acceptable.

However, the way the law is written leave a "grey area" open to interpretation, which will allow the crimes to essentially continue when convenient for the current administration.


Shepard ambellas - April 17, 2012 - TheIntelHub


So... while Obama is 'looking' into Dubya's war crimes... who is going to look into Obama's multitude of war crimes? That would the same thing as the Bankers investigating each other. LMAO!

Folks wake up, your're being told whatever you want to hear just to shut you up... talk is cheap. Obama hasn't done a damn thing he promised to do... nothing!



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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 04/17/2012 - 11:14pm.