'Crispy Frickin' Chicken' Ad Blasted for 'Fornication'

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Family calls slogan offensive, euphemism for other F-word

A billboard campaign for "Crispy Frickin' Chicken" is ruffling the feathers of a Pennsylvania couple who believe the word "frickin'" is a "euphemism for fornication."

Michael and Shari Sucec of Harrisburg, Pa., have asked supervisors in  Derry Township to join their fight against the placard promoting a Sheetz Made To Order sandwich.

"It really is profanity," Michael Sucec said, according to the Lebanon Daily News.

Carrying a worn-looking Bible in his hand, the self-described street preacher told the supervisors he had contacted Lamar Advertising, the outdoor-advertising firm that sells the billboard space, as well as the Derry Township zoning office, to see if there was a legal way to have the sign removed.

"I understand that we can't do anything legally about it, so I'm not here to try and address it from a legal standpoint, but I believe that I can appeal to your conscience and your heart tonight ... about the type of community you're representing to south central Pennsylvania," Sucec said.

The couple received a letter from Louie Sheetz, executive vice president of marketing for the fast-food chain. In the letter, Sucec said, Sheetz wrote that the use of the commonly used word was intended as a humorous twist to attract customers.

"We don't feel or believe that that's humorous whatsoever," Sucec told the paper. "I ask you folks this evening: Do you believe this is humorous?"

Michael Pries, chairman of the supervisors, said no one else was crying fowl about the sign, but he assured Sucec he'd take a gander at the billboard.

Monica Jones, public-relations manager for the Altoona, Pa.-based Sheetz, which has more than 300 stores in six states, said the company did not expect negative reaction from customers regarding this promotion.

"We're aware that the language is offensive to some of our customers, and we apologize for that," she said.

No one from Lamar Advertising provided comment.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 02/29/2008 - 12:22am.