The Stranger in the White House...

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Election theft by design! American voters you MUST wake up now if you care at all about the survival of your country, your life and the future of your children. ~ SadInAmerica

STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING, LISTEN AND LOOK AROUND! Can you hear what the few have been trying to tell you?... Listen... they're trying desperately to tell you what is happening and what is planned for the United States of America. This is about you, your family and friends...

Stop watching government news... Throw the TV out the door! You're being repeatedly lied to and brainwashed by government media propaganda!

The 2012 election is a fraud! Do you understand this?... Do you care? 

If you are not concerned about the 2012 election or the future of our country, you can stop reading and go back to sleep...

For the semi conscious, I'm not going to beat around the bush... here it is... Obama will 'win' the 2012 election by hook or crook unless we stop this fraud of an election right now!

The final theft of your country is underway!!! If we don't stop this atrocity right now there will be no going back in time to fix what is secretly being planned for this country and everyone living in it!!!

Our country, government, sovereignty, future and life as a free people is being hijacked in plain sight yet only a few recognize what is happening!

HOW can the few save the many when they refuse to wake up? The many will drag the few under water... there will be no survivors! Wake up before we all drown!

Mitt Romney is the 'chosen one' to challenge Obama. Romney will not be allowed to win the election courtesy of a Spanish company, Scytl.

Obama does not and will not 'play fair'... he has no intention of giving up his lavish taxpayer-supported life to anyone.

He is a sore loser, proven fact! Take a good look at the executive orders he has signed... totally bypassing Congress because they didn't see it 'his way'.

Since when in the history of this country has a foreign nation been given the right to interfere with our elections? Scytl based in Spain will tally the vote count and decide for the American people who the next president of the U.S.A. will be!

This is absurd! It's the perfect set up for a stolen election!

Obama can't win it on his own by a fair and honest election so Scytl has been selected by HIM and for HIM to guarantee HIS 'win'.

Understand this... If Obama is again 'handed' the presidential 'win' he will never leave the White House!... Do you understand?... OBAMA WILL N E V E R LEAVE THE WHITE HOUSE! You read this right...

The 2012 election may very well be our last! This is a harsh reality... the United States of America would have never accepted a dictatorship... until now.

It was so easy for most Americans to willingly give up their liberties, freedoms and rights under the false pretense of being 'safe and protected by the government'...

The government creates the fearmongering and boogymen, the media then spoon feeds it to the people. The 'bad news' is designed to cause fear and concern...

The American people always fall head first into a pool of lies lead by government media. There are no boogymen, they are created by our government.

It's always by hegelian dilectic or hegelian principle... the 'problem-reaction-solution' scenerio. Our government creates the 'problem', gets a 'reaction' from the people, then comes up with the pre-planned 'solution' to fix the 'problem' they created. It works like a charm every single time!

The media feeds lies of 'imminent danger'... this tactic is used to sell the people another war... who's next? Syria? Iran? Africa? Doesn't matter who or why...

We do not invade another country to 'spread democracy' or for 'humanitarian reasons'... none of it is true. We 'go to war' in other countries to control it and pilfer any wealth and resources they may have.

Every presidential election year needs a war to pull the people together for 'their safety' keeping the current president for a second term regardless of what he does.

It's sad and pathetic that the many are so gullible and fall for the same tactic every time. Obama is banking on this tactic to work for him, if it doesn't work, he has a backup plan... Scytl.

The 2012 election is the most important election in the history of our country. It's win all or lose all, there's no in between. Our country will never be the same... the United States of America is on life support and in critical need of a transplant to restore our constitution.

For the many who refuse to wake up... sadly, they must get left behind. There is little time left to go back and get them. They refuse to wake up and listen by choice.

You know and I know, our country cannot survive another Obama term in the White House... because this time, he won't be leaving.

If we don't stop Scytl we cannot stop Obama... if we don't stop Obama... well, you know the rest of the story... (sighing...)

Make your vote count, give it to Ron Paul, he is the ONLY candidate who is able to stand up to Obama and win!

I am in every sense of the word

Truly Sad In America...

Thanks for reading.


Obama Voter Fraud of Historical Purportion is Planned!... WHAT is SCYTL and WHY You Should Be VERY, VERY Concerned?

Stealing the 2012 Election Planned!... A SPANISH Company NOT the American People Will be 'Counting' the Votes in November!!!

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SadInAmerica - April 15, 2012 - KnowTheLies


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 04/15/2012 - 1:02am.