How Did Whitney Die 'Facedown' In Tub?... Who Was In Bathroom With Her?... Murder?

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As of today, the coroner's office released the last and final report on the cause of death for Whitney Houston. They found her face down in a tub filled with water with a bloody nose... ~ See related articles

They found "in the bathroom a small spoon with a "white crystal like substance," as well as a "white powdery substance" on the counter and a portable mirror with traces of the same powder on it." The substance has since been confirmed to be cocaine.



This news come as strange to many because in the initial autopsy report stated there wasn't enough water in Houston's lungs for her to had drowned. Now the toxicology reports stated she has drowned. I may be no expert here, but which is correct? Could it be the medical examiner who performed the autopsy is wrong; could the LA Coroner be wrong? Too many questions

This news may not seem shocking to some, but for others, the Coroner's report along with Houston's past addictions comes a little too convenient. It's the old slap a band-aid on a bleeding wound circumstance.

What has not been clear or even brought up in the media, is that someone else was certainly in the room with Whitney the day she died - around the time she died. I find it hard to believe that Whitney ate two meals, drank beer AND champagne all in the same sitting. But who accompanied Whitney? Who is covering up? Who cleaned the death scene before paramedics and police arrived?

So many questions will go unanswered, because you have a known addict who died, coroner finds cocaine in her system, and there is the end of this story - just like that. No benefits of the doubt; no 'who was with her in that room on that day'; no questions on why her body was cold once medics arrived meaning Houston was dead at-least two hours before medics arrived.

To many, this paints the perfect ending to a troubled star who battled addiction; to others, mystery surrounding Whitney's death will always have its conspiracies. One thing I do know is, the results of the report seems too convenient, and it all makes no sense. Full reports will be available in two weeks. I think there should be an in-depth investigation.


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 04/06/2012 - 2:13am.