Concentration Camps...U.S. Government is No Longer Hiding Camps!

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The government is not even bothering to hide the FEMA camps anymore.  All those who have said it was only a "Conspiracy Theory" are now seeing it is real. ~ Sherrie

Email I just sent my State Elected Officials with all the information provided below proving U.S. Concentration Camps are about to be activated.  Also said to them.... What is to stop the Federal Government from putting you too in a Camp?  They MUST Act Right now!

Business Insider even has an article about Army advertising for "Camp Personnel".

Hopefully some of the clueless and asleep people have read this and have gotten shaken awake a little.

The government is not even bothering to hide the FEMA camps anymore.  All those who have said it was only a "Conspiracy Theory" are now seeing it is real.

I investigated a FEMA camp in Georgia, besides the coffins and Georgia Guidestones.  Here is my post about that "adventure".

I believe everyone should start investigating around your area.  Find the FEMA camps around where you live, take pictures and report on what you see and find.  Is there activity? Are 18 wheelers dropping off supplies? Are there many military personnel around?

I am just astounded at what has happened in this Country and how the majority of the people don't give a SH** about what is happening or has happened! 

I just can't believe they refuse to wake up!  I can't believe that the media is so immoral that they are stepping back and don't report on what has happened in this country. 

I would have thought there was one or two journalist that actually had a conscious to report how the U.S. civilians are going to become prisoners without any rights what so ever.

I am outraged that there is not one elected official from Tennessee who I emailed, bothered to get back to me about my concerns in what the Federal Elected Officials are doing to our Constitution!   How is it, NOT ONE ELECTED OFFICIAL in the United States is willing to Stand up for our Rights!

We are now being officially imprisoned in this country.  I don't think people fully understand that.  We are not a country of the Free, we in fact are more imprisoned than those in the Middle East and some of the most suppressed countries in the World.  We are going to be worst than China.

What the U.S. is about to be is GAZA!  The U.S. is Going GAZA!  We are going to be confined and we are not going to be able to get out and we are going to be sitting targets for the immoral military to shoot at and abuse without any rights at all!

Here is the Business Insider's Title for the article:

The US Army Now Offers A Prison Guard Specialty Securing 'Civilian Detainees'...

Here is their article:

Part of the NDAA includes amendments allowing for the arrest and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens both at home and abroad.
Below is a portion of the MOS listing at 
Advanced level Internment/Resettlement Specialist provides guidance, supervises and trains other Soldiers within the same discipline. As an advanced level I/R Specialist, you may be involved in:
  • Supervise and establish all administrative, logistical and food support operations, confinement/correctional, custodial, treatment, and rehabilitative activities

  • Responsible for all personnel working in the confinement/correctional facility, including security, logistical, and administrative management of the prisoner/internee population

  • Provide command and control, staff planning, administration/logistical services, and custody/control for the operation of an Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) camp

  • Provide command and control, staff planning, administration/logistical services, and custody/control for the operation of detention facility or the operation of a displaced civilian (DC) resettlement facility

Here is the Army site:

Internment / Resettlement Specialist

Internment/Resettlement (I/R) Specialists in the Army are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility. I/R Specialists provide rehabilitative, health, welfare, and security to U.S. military prisoners within a confinement or correctional facility; conduct inspections; prepare written reports; and coordinate activities of prisoners/internees and staff personnel.
Some of your duties as an Internment/Resettlement Specialist may include:
  • Assist with the supervision and management of confinement and detention operations

  • Provide external security to confinement/corrections facilities or detention/internment facilities

  • Provide counseling and guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program

  • Prepare or review reports and records of prisoners/internees and programs

 It then has what the above Business Insider article has.

SHTF wrote about it and has more information about the Camps and and email that has gone out from a Halliburton subsidiary needing supplies for the Camps.

**Kellogg, Brown and Root Services (KBR) is seeking subscontractors on a national basis to provide temporary camp services and facilities as part of its current and future emergency services contracts for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and state/local government agencies.

**The continental US will be broken up into five regions - Services will be required in each State within each region.

**Establish services listed below within 72 hours for initial set-up and respond within 24 hours for incremental services. This is a CONTINGENCY PROJECT and it should be stressed that lead times will be short with critical requirements due to the nature of emergency responses.

Subcontractors must be flexible and able to handle multiple, shifting priorities in an emergency environment.  Supply lines needed must be short but not necessarily pre-positioned.
**The personnel on site to be covered by these services will depend on the size and scope of the recovery effort, but for estimating purposes the camp will range in size from 301 to 2,000 persons for up to 30 days in length.


I still can't believe that those who we elected would commit Treason as they did! 
I still can't believe not one MSM has any morals to discuss this, besides the one show on FOX news.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show took on the Detainment Camps, the Senate and Obama about the Camps on Dec. 7th. Awesome! 

This is so disgusting that the U.S. is the most immoral country in the World.  

Inundate your State Elected Officials with this Army advertisement and the Halliburton Email in the SHTF link!


UPDATE 12/9/11 - Alert - Oathkeepers confirmed - Federal Agents in Tennessee going house to house and demanding list of Bulk food buyers at Mormon Food Storage.


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 03/24/2012 - 2:41pm.