Congress... Impeach Obama or be Arrested by Him!

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No one is safe from Obama if Congress does not move to impeach him now and remove him from office. Congress is in just as much danger as the people are!!! ~ RealMan2020

One thing Congress has not realized when they voted in favor of the NDAA. They also signed their own arrest warrants along with the American people. One thing our Representatives must understand, Obama is a lawless tyrant hell bent on grabbing power away from everywhere he can. He is not complying with the constitution.

There is no sense trying to go along to get along with a man who might not be eligible to be President.  I am not bringing forth the birther issue. I am saying he has had so many aliases that should be a red flag. Who is he and what is his real name? This is what we should be asking.

If he is using a fraudulent name as his alias, to sign bills and executive orders, that is fraud itself all being null and void. That is enough to rule him ineligible to be president without debating if the birth certificate is real or not.

The most seasoned Police officer will tell you, a person having multiple aliases is most likely engaged in criminal activity and fraud. The legislative branch in our government is in danger of being non-existent not by Obama's actions.

Nevertheless, their inaction to stand up to him when he was assuming powers he does not posses. He is now a threat to everyone!

Does congress believe since they have stayed quiet letting him have what he wants or just being silent when he was usurping the power from them assume everyone is safe?

Well from history, even tyrants even kill their own most loyal subjects who went along to get along. Congressional representative Lamar Smith... you had better listen very closely... Obama will come after you even though you may quash impeachment bills and block legislation keeping the President him in check.

To every congressional Representative and in the leadership post in both houses. You all know too much, The President cannot take the risk of having congressional representatives walking around knowing what they know.

If Congress does not act to start impeachment charging the President for usurping the war powers away from Congress. This government body has no choice, but to take back the powers delegated to congress only. They can no longer allow the executive branch to assume power not the President's to begin with.

Even though congress is corrupt paid off by the same interest just to pass the bills they wanted. They love power and influence like any other politician. When a narcissistic President starts taking away the powers of these corrupt narcissist in congress who enjoy this power too. These politicians will start getting upset when their egos are bruised,

If one man and his administration say, Congress is irrelevant and obsolete because they have the UN and NATO authority to make war. They say they do not need congress for anything anymore. They can declare war on the people and the world without an act of congress.

Then it is time to remove him from office using the 25th amendment or impeachment. In both cases, there is overwhelming evidence to act on to take him out of command and out of the oval office. There is enough reason to show cause to act to remove him from office. That is if congress has the testosterone to do it.

It might be too late for Congress. Like Lincoln who shut down congress. Obama might dispatch mercenaries dressed in Army Battle dress and not the military to shut down congress if they try to impeach him or using the 25th amendment to do it. We have to move to impeach this President Obama before he destroys us and what is left of America.

If the President Obama accomplished a coup by force shutting down the Supreme Court and congress to hold onto power, then civil war has just started. Do not blame Obama. Blame congress and ourselves for not doing our duty keeping him in check!

Mainly blame congress in both parties. We have a President who makes wars on his own and congress is silent. We now see why congress has a nine percent approval rating for not doing their job. Enough said...


RealMan2020 - March 13, 2012 - LoneStarWatchdog


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 03/14/2012 - 12:22am.