US to Announce Aerial 'Blockade' on Syria (Can You Say... Libya?)

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The message... 'Syria is fine,
mind your own business'!

US readies for possibility of intervention without UN resolution, Asharq Al-Awsat reports, citing US military official; plan to include humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees on Turkey's border. ~ Roi Kais - MyTwoCents - photos

The Pentagon is readying for the possibility of intervention in Syria, aiming to halt Syrian President Bashsar Assad's violent crackdown on protesters, the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Saturday, citing a US military offical.

According to the official, the intervention scenario calls for the establishment of a buffer zone on the Turkish border, in order to receive Syrian refugees. The Red Cross would then provide the civilians humanitarian aid, before NATO crews would arrive from Turkey and join the efforts.

The measure would pave the way for the US to declare an aerial blockade on Syria.

The intercession is to be modeled after NATO's efforts in Kosovo, which brought an end to the Serbian control of the region. NATO's plan of action included prolonged aerial shelling.


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Source Israel News



Look at these pictures... Do these people look like unhappy Bashsar Assad protesters? Do you see any violence? These people want to be left alone. As usual, we CAN'T ever mind our own business. The last time we sent 'humanitarian aid', wasn't it call Lybia? Remember the freedom and democracy we spread in Iraq? Hmmmm...




Why can't we just mind our own business? If these peaceful people needed our help, they appear to be intellegent enough to say so. They do not want our help. If they want to sell oil to China, Russia or any country in the world, that's Syria's business. The US will not be happy until the whole world lives in squaller including the American people!

Keep in mind... voting AGAINST Ron Paul is a vote for no less than four more years of war... ~ SadInAmerica


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 3:27am.