Humiliation for Mitt Romney as He Faces Being Stripped of Victory a Second Time

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Republicans in Washington County were unable to join last weekend's caucus because of heavy snow but are being given the chance to participate a week late after it was judged their votes could be enough to overturn Mr Romney's razor-thin victory. ~ Raf Sanchez

The former Massachusetts governor defeated Texan congressman Ron Paul by just 194 votes but the declaration of victory was met with outrage by Mr Paul's supporters.

Now the 6,907 registered Republicans of the rural district, which polls show is favourable to Mr Paul, stand poised to deal a symbolic blow to the struggling Republican frontrunner.

For Mr Romney the situation in the Granite State is bringing back troubling memories of Iowa, where he was declared the winner on election night only to be told two weeks later that former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum had beaten him by 34 votes.

As with Iowa, the result in Maine is unlikely to affect the overall delegate count but a retrospective defeat would be an unwelcome distraction as Mr Romney struggles to fight off a surging national challenge from Mr Santorum.

The upset in Iowa in January was the first time in US election history that a certified result was reversed, an embarrassment that now threatens to be repeated in Maine.

On Friday, it also emerged that Maine's caucus results were riddled by counting mistakes, including some votes that were lost because the emails reporting them ended up in a spam folder.

In an interview with Politico, Maine Republican Party chairman Charlie Webster said: "There were clerical errors that did not significantly change the numbers."

He insisted that the mistakes would not have changed the results on the night but said that a new set of numbers would be released.

He cited the updated figures for the city of Portland, where a 15-vote victory for Mr Paul has been reversed into a win for Mr Romney by the same margin.


Raf Sanchez - February 17, 2012 -


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 02/17/2012 - 6:39pm.