No Trust in Our High Court Judges... Again

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Justice in this country is a seething cauldron of deceit and corruption working to promote all that is diametrically opposed to good... ~ Jerry McConnell

Less than a week ago I had written a 965-word article titled, “Will Our Country Remain Free Thanks to a Courageous Judge From Georgia?” for publication online by Canada Free Press. 

It was my opinion of a decision by a Georgia State Administrative Law Judge, Judge Michael Malihi of Georgia’s Office of State Administrative Hearings to consider ruling on the prevailing question of Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to have his name appear on the ballot for the presidency of the United States.

As my writing was on its way to publication form, an item began to appear in the news outlets on the reversal of what had been highly expected, a ruling affirming the ineligibility of Obama due to his status as being not native born to the United States. 

One in particular authored by Cindy Simpson of the American Thinker and published online on February 04, 2012 titled “Obama Wins Georgia Ballot Challenge” part of the many that brought this sad news which deep-sixed my column of praise for Judge Malihi.

The decision contesting the placing of Obama’s name on the 2012 Georgia presidential ballot was filed by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp in November 2011 to the Office of State Administrative Hearings for a ruling as a result of challenges from three sources, Liberty Legal Foundation represented by attorney Van Irion; Georgia Rep.  J. Mark Hatfield; and California attorney Ms. Orly Taitz. 

As Ms. Simpson stated in her column, attorney Van Irion, and Georgia Rep. J. Mark Hatfield did not focus on Obama’s place of birth or the infamous birth certificate. 

Rather, Irion and Hatfield contended that Obama, with his non-US citizen father, is not a “natural born” citizen according to the rule of statutory construction in the interpretation of the Constitution and existing Supreme Court precedent while Ms. Taitz, also addressed the validity of Obama’s posted birth certificate and social security number.

The initial hearing of this matter by Georgia Judge Michael Malihi was held on January 26, 2012.  Malihi had issued a subpoenae calling for the President to appear. 

Not only did Obama fail to appear but even withheld any representation such as by his attorney Michael Jablonski, an offense (failing to respond to a subpoena) normally punishable. 

The offense was noted by Judge Malihi, in Ms. Simpson’s words “of the failure to participate in the opening page of his decision.”

Ordinarily, the Court would enter a default order against the party that fails to participate in any stage of a proceeding… Such a ruling could have brought immediate recommendation to remove the name from ballot.

Nonetheless, despite the Defendant’s failure to appear, Plaintiffs asked this Court to decide the case on the merits of their arguments and evidence. So it is now apparent that the plaintiffs may have been a bit too hasty to waive the default in view of the latest reversal of what had obviously been expected from the judge.

It is also apparent that I, as well as the plaintiffs, was too hasty and ultimately erroneous in my praise and confidence in finally finding a judge who would rule in favor of the people and the U.S. Constitution, two tangibles that Obama and his pack of varmints are determined to destroy.

Judge Malihi buckled in the face of presidential pressure and arrogance showing a total lack of honesty and grit for the office which he holds, proving once again that Obama OWNS the judiciary in this country. 

Honor, trustworthiness and personal pride are fast disappearing traits in America. They are beginning to be so sparse that gnat’s eyelashes are becoming more noticeable.  This failure of character has become most damaging to our country in the arena of judgeships throughout the land.

One by one, these once fiercely loyal dispensers of justice at all levels in our society have become groveling serfs to the holders of power no matter how dishonest and disgustingly putrid those charlatans may be. 

We must consider bringing the judiciary back to the people by voting on all high level judges.  If one man like Obama can buy the entire complement of judges in our country, something has to change.

Our justice system is not only broken, it has been openly bought by the unlawful elements who stoop to the lowest levels to attain their otherwise unattainable goals.  Justice in this country is a seething cauldron of deceit and corruption working to promote all that is diametrically opposed to good.


Jerry McConnell - February 11, 2012 - CanadaFreePress



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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 02/12/2012 - 1:57pm.