FEMA Camps in Plain View!... Stadiums Being Prepped for Use as Martial Law Staging Centers... Militarized Drills Underway

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Dodger Stadium

By now you might have heard of the many FEMA camps located throughout the United States which will serve as holding centers for U.S. citizens during times of unrest. ~ Shepard Ambellas and Avalon

The camps are no conspiracy and happen to be popping up at a rapid rate. Infact Infowars just reported recently on a new detention hub located at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

But what about the fact that every stadium is a FEMA camp in hiding, stagnantly awaiting its grim use one day in the future?

The roots of this diabolic agenda trace back to the Reagan/Oliver North era and the REX84 Program.  However, modern-day congress is still approving these camps under the guise of terror provisions set forth by the staged attacks of 9/11 and the P.A.T.R.O.T. Act implemented by Bush in 2001 which was created years before to be implemented after the Oklahoma City Bombing, which to this day is covered up by FBI Operatives as The Intel Hub has documented.

Yesterday, an urban warfare drill conducted over downtown Los Angeles had area residents shaken up as 4 black OH-6 “Little Birds” and one “Blackhawk” helicoptes with military personal aboard invaded the city of angels, as more drills are set for today.

These military maneuvers by special operations forces are now nearly commonplace in the CONUS (continental United States).

They hovered for awhile over the US Bank building, made a drop at a park, and flew over the Lakers Stadium while a game was on.

The operational forces used the Dodgers Stadium as a staging point (mock FEMA Camp) to base the training session out of.

This is a good example of how stadiums will be used as FEMA camps during martial law type situations in future times.

Hurricane Katrina is a good example of how law enforcement and military worked together during martial law to set up a FEMA camp in a stadium.

One curious aspect of the ‘Exercise’ is the involvement of the AON Tower. As recently mentioned in the New York Times on January 11th Edition, AON is leaving the United States. Aon’s main corporate offices are located in Austrailia which begs the question, “Could Larry Silverstein have been involved with Aon in the WTC purchase and subsequent Destruction and Insurance Payoff of $7,000,000,000.00?”.

After all, this line of possible affiliation is logical given that Aon is an Insurance Company who would have benefited from such a covert Secret Government Operation.

In fact, Chicago is AON’s corporate headquaters in the US, and was designated the WTC of Chicago. Is there a possibility that a False-Flag Operation and subsequent rescue operation being practiced ‘right-in-plain-sight’?

Is there the possibility that a Nuclear Event might be planned for Chicago – Obamas Hometown and now the preplanning stages for Martial Law Implementations by Rham Emanuel and the G20 Summit?

Is this Conspiracy Theory or are we witnessing the planning stages of a False-Flag Event that could bring about Martial Law – the result of Domestic Terrorism?


If you think about it, most major cities are equipped with enough stadiums to hold a good chunk of dissidents.

Food for thought.


Shepard Ambellas and Avalon - January 27, 2012 - IntelHub


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 01/27/2012 - 4:08pm.