Michigan... Hot Rain... High Levels of Radiation Recorded

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Radiation readings from the EnviroReporter have revealed high levels of HOT particles in Michigan, possibly from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Radiation levels after a storm in the area read 561% over normal background  levels. Then, after a second storm, the levels were even higher, 6.5 times higher than normal accepted levels to be exact. ~ Videos

Michael Collins, the founder of EnviroReporter recently published a detailed article on the readings:

It was with no small amount of trepidation that we traveled to Michigan to be with our family. The thought that the cyrstalline white fluffy snows that make Michigan so charming during the holidays could be infused with cesium-137 and strontium-90 was horrifying.

What we found over our ten-day holiday confirmed that the Midwest was indeed getting pelted by high radiation but in ways we had not anticipated. Places that we thought would be impacted by fallout turned out to be rad-free while others were even hotter than we thought.

Even with knowledge and experise, much gained through conducting over 1,500 radiation tests of rain, fog, food and drink since Radiation Station started March 15, we were still emotionally affected by testing hyper-hot rain falling on the family homestead.


(On radiation levels on the plane ride to Michigan) – Our reading was 1,035 CPM which was over five times higher.

Two hours later we took another ten-minute average approaching the Missouri River north of St. Charles, Missouri – 1,238 CPM or over 36 times the background in the jet at the terminal. Descending into Chicago the count was 586.2 CPM or 17.40 times previous background in the jet.


The Dec. 30 storm’s first sample taken tested at 561% of normal. The second sample was even hotter coming it at 6.5 times background. Fukushima had arrived in earnest.

Read The Full Detailed Report Here

You can view the videos of the readings below:


Video Description:

Read an in-depth analysis of this high reading in our post “Seasons Readings” at http://www.enviroreporter.com/2012/01/seasons-readings/. The first storm we experienced on a holiday visit to my family came in at background as did the snow that it changed into. This cold rain, however, was hot, in fact so hot that it came in at ~561% of normal during this test.

A Hot Rain’s Gonna Fall might be an appropriate song title for this test as Part 2 bears out.

7:20pm INTERIOR SPOT CHECK of Southwest Michigan rain sample: 254 CPM^ or HIGHER ~561% of previous background average

7:08pm ten-minute INTERIOR average: 45.3 CPM^


Video Description:

Two hours after we measure the first rain sample from this storm, we took another specimen from the chilly Michigan rain. The result was higher – 650% of the immediately-previous background average. Read an in-depth analysis of this high reading in our post “Seasons Readings” at http://www.enviroreporter.com/2012/01/seasons-readings/


9:20pm INTERIOR SPOT CHECK of SECOND Southwest Michigan rain sample: 264 CPM^ or HIGHER ~650% of previous background average

9:09pm ten minute INTERIOR average: 40.6 CPM^


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 01/24/2012 - 4:34pm.