Russians Ready to Live and Work on the Moon

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Russian scientists will settle down on the Moon because a manned station is to be established there soon. To do this, two descent vehicles, Luna-Resurs and Luna-Glob, will be launched there, Vladimir Popovkin, the head of Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, reported yesterday. Experts have no doubts that in about 20 years people will be able to spend holidays on the Moon.

From the technical viewpoint, the construction of a lunar station will become possible in the third decade. First, scientists will go to the Moon to study its physical, geological and biological features. An infrastructure necessary for living will gradually develop, tourist infrastructure included.

Originally, mankind did not have large-scale plans for the exploration of the Moon but evidence of water on this satellite was discovered, scientists changed their attitude, says Igor Mitrofanov, the head of a laboratory of the Space Research Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“We are to implement a number of serious space projects, gradually increasing the technological levels, before we can build such a station. The first step will be launching two descent vehicles Luna-Resurs and Luna-Glob. We are planning to carry out experiments which will enable us to go ahead with the exploration of the Moon and its resources.

Conditions on the lunar poles differ considerably from those on the equator and moderate latitudes where Soviet and US expeditions landed in the past. Evidence of water has been discovered on the lunar poles and this important fact opens new perspectives for us”.

Announcer: People will be able to live under the lunar surface where there is no deadly space radiation and the gravitation is similar to what earthmen are used to. If necessary, it will be possible to go up to the surface wearing space suits, so no sunbathing on the satellite will be allowed.

In any case, the lunar station will be used for strategic purposes and not for fun, says Alexander Alexandrov, adviser of the president of the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation.

“A base on the Moon is our strategic target. We began to study the Antarctic with building stations as well and we will study other planets in the same way, paying short visits there and building the required infrastructure. This is a useful thing to do and we will build a station on the Moon by all means.”

A lunar station will provide an opportunity to develop and test new space systems for flights to Mars and other planets, and astronomers will get better conditions for studying the Sun and the stars. With time, mankind will manage to use lunar resources for industrial purposes.

People will extract minerals there, build factories and, what is most important, build a cosmodrome there to launch space vehicles to the remotest parts of the Universe, Igor Mitrofanov says.

“In the future it may become cheaper and more practical to launch space vehicles, say, to Mars from a lunar cosmodrome because assembling these apparatuses in the Earth orbit and overcoming the Earth gravitation field will be more difficult than sending such expeditions from the Moon.”

At present, while scientists are developing programmes of lunar exploration, businessmen are making good money by selling the lunar surface. Anyone can buy a plot of the lunar surface for only $7,500.


Alexandera Zakharova - January 20, 2012 - VoiceOfRussia


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 01/21/2012 - 4:39pm.