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The spraying itself is carried out by the U.S. military; probably the Air Force.  The orders mostly come from Wall Street.  The military man or men in charge of the operation take orders from an intelligence agency. ~ Peter Kirby

The people giving orders from the intelligence agency’s headquarters are taking orders from Wall Street.  To make a buck, energy companies, insurance companies, big banks and other catastrophe reinsurance and weather derivatives market players direct the military in their chemtrail spraying activities.

Ultimately, the taxpayer pays for it all through bailouts.  Geoengineers serve as consultants to both intelligence agencies and the military.

This is the theory I am entertaining.  Do you care to join me?

Owning the Weather:

Let us first address my assertion that the spraying is carried out by our military.  We will refer to the seminal document ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025′ released by the U.S. Department of Defense at the behest of the Air Force in August of 1996.  The authors examine how stratospheric aerosols (chemtrails) can be used in conjunction with other ground and space based technologies to modify weather.

The document mostly speaks to military combat applications, but there are some very interesting quotes.  Here’s one, “In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications.”  I’d like to hear more about those ‘domestic applications’.

Or, how about this one, “Between now and 2005, technological advances in meteorology and the demand for more precise weather information by global businesses will lead to the successful identification and parameterization of the major variables that affect weather.”  One of those ‘global businesses’ wouldn’t happen to be Enron, would it?

I find this choice of title very interesting.  Why did they choose the word ‘own’ to describe their objectives?  Of course, you cannot own the weather.  Can you own the Sun?  The title is a non sequitur.  The word ‘own’ implies material gain, therefore using the word ‘own’ makes sense if chemtrails are sprayed for financial gain.  ‘Own’ is ‘nwo’ backwards.  ‘NWO’ is an acronym for ‘New World Order’.

It is not surprising to see that the Air Force produces much of our military’s weather information and related services.  These activities logically fall under their jurisdiction.  The Air Force maintains the Air Force Weather Agency, which states it’s purpose as delivering, “…accurate, relevant, and timely environmental information, products, and services, anywhere in the world.”

For more evidence that our military is spraying us, see my paper Chemtrails Exposed‘.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not knocking our entire military or the entire Air Force.  I realize that militaries and air forces are necessary things.  My targets are those individuals inside these organizations who have not been true to their purpose and hide it all from their brothers and sisters.

If any of the military chemtrail sprayers are reading this, I urge you, please!  Stop the insanity!  We’re all being murdered.  How much money would you accept for your eyes?  Only the devil has such outrageous demands!  You are offering your soul.  For what?  Death?  There is still time.  Repent!

The Catastrophe Reinsurance Market:  

In my previous paper Chemtrails and Weather Derivatives, I gave an overview of the weather derivatives market.  I speculated that chemtrail spraying is due to people manipulating that market.

I have since learned of another financial market which rises and falls with the weather; the ‘catastrophe reinsurance’ market.  Thanks goes to The Intel Hub commenter calling himself ‘W.C. Relbak’.

The weather derivatives market and the catastrophe reinsurance markets are part of a larger market known as the ‘Alternative Risk Transfer’ market.  The Alternative Risk Transfer market is an insurance market.  ‘Risk transfer’ is insurance.

The catastrophe reinsurance market involves more money than the weather derivatives market… how much more?  While the Weather Risk Management Association recently pegged the value of the global weather derivatives market at about $12B, industry player Nephila Capital’s website states, “The amount of notional exposure that trades in the catastrophe reinsurance market each year is approximately $200B.”  Now we’re talking about your ‘disaster capitalism’ industry!

2011 was a big year for the catastrophe reinsurance market.  In September of 2011, the industry’s biggest broker Guy Carpenter released a report stating, “The devastating earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, along with damaging tornadoes and floods in the United States and Australia, have resulted in insured losses of around USD70 billion so far this year.”

Financial market deregulation enabled the existence of today’s catastrophe reinsurance and weather derivatives markets.  The repeal of Glass-Steagall was key.  Here is a passage from a book by industry insider Erik Banks;

“In the US, product and market convergence has been aided by the passage of the 1999 Financial Modernization Act (i.e., the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act), which eliminated the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act and Depression-era legislation that prohibited banks and insurance companies from encroaching on each other’s territory.”

When Mr. Banks refers to ‘convergence’, he’s writing about money pouring into the insurance industry from the banking industry.

According to Mr. Banks, for tax and regulatory reasons, many catastrophe reinsurance industry participants choose to domicile in countries such as: Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg and Ireland.

The catastrophe reinsurance market consists of banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and related financial sector businesses.  None of the material I read mentioned any retail investor participation.  This is a professional insurance market.

Although industry consolidation remains a trend, related financial sector businesses such as Bermuda Transformers are needed to perform specific functions such as converting derivative instruments into reinsurance contracts.  Brokers negotiate deals.  The biggest brokers are Willis Group Holdings and Guy Carpenter & Company.

The banks provide the capital.  Through debt, they own everything including the catastrophe reinsurance market.  They’re here to get their cut.  Don’t ask too many questions, capiché?  I’m not exactly sure which banks are funding this industry.  Details are sketchy.  I couldn’t find anybody compiling these numbers.  The banks probably don’t release sufficient numbers.

In this scenario, it makes sense that the catastrophe reinsurance market participants from the banking sector be big and corrupt.  They need to be big because a lot of money is required.  They need to be corrupt because the situation I’m proposing is a genocidal rip-off.  Those qualifications lead you to the usual suspects: Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank and the rest.  If you don’t know that the big banks are corrupt by now, may God have mercy on your soul.

Hedge funds such as Nephila Capital are here to play.  Also, big banks have internal hedge funds which apparently play the catastrophe reinsurance market.  I find it quite odd that these people bet big money on something as unpredictable as the weather.  Maybe I just think too much.

Insurance companies are here because they originated the market.  Insurance companies sell catastrophe reinsurance contracts and securities.  These names keep coming up: Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation, Munich Re America, Corp. and XL Reinsurance America, Inc..

In a completely unrelated note, industry heavyweight Marsh & McLennan (who owns the industry’s biggest American broker Guy Carpenter) had all their World Trade Tower offices wiped out on 9/11.  You see, Marsh & McLennan occupied floors 93-100.  On the day of 9/11, the first plane completely gutted floors 93-99; killing every person on all of those floors.

Maybe somebody wanted to make sure certain people were taken care of.  Maybe the target was some people on the 96th floor; which was direct center.  Maybe guys from Afghanistan who didn’t know how to fly did it.  Maybe it was Bigfoot, the Tooth Fairy or a purple dinosaur.  9/11 was an outside job and chemtrails do not exist.  I digress.

 It’s All About the Weather Modification:

The Air Force ‘Owning the Weather’ report shows that chemtrails are sprayed as part of a weather modification system employing ground and space based monitoring and support.  The Air Force says this weather modification system is capable of steering, suppressing and intensifying storms.

Spraying stratospheric aerosols is known to have an effect on weather.  Geoengineers would not be proposing such activities if it didn’t.  Weather modification is their stated objective.

Geo-Engineer Hui Su was recently quoted as saying, “So, if you put an aerosol in the stratosphere, I am sure that it will have a strong relative impact on the full clouds.  Because those aerosols make sediments into the upper troposphere, then they will impact the temperature, water vapor (and) other clouds…  We found that they do have a lot of impact on the precipitation and cloud systems and local temperature.”

If a bank or insurance company wants to position themselves to gain a whole lot of money in the case of a series of catastrophic hurricanes in a particular region, let’s say, or a certain region suffering a sustained draught or floods or tornadoes or earthquakes, that’s what the catastrophe reinsurance market is for.  Weather modification systems either can or have been speculated to produce all these ‘natural’ disasters.

The government reports such as ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather 2025′ and geoengineers themselves say weather modification systems can produce hurricanes, draughts and floods.

Although I don’t remember any geoengineer ever mentioning that weather modification systems can produce tornadoes, it has at least been speculated that these types of systems can do so.  It seems like something a system like this would be able to do.  There has been much speculation about how the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P.), used in conjunction with chemtrails, can produce earthquakes.

The greater effect you have on the weather, the greater effect you can have in the catastrophe reinsurance market.

 Who pays for all this?

So right about now, you may be wondering, “Where does the money come from?”  As usual, you can look in the mirror.


Most insurance companies do catastrophe reinsurance business with insurance companies they own called ‘captives’.  I use the terms ‘insurance’ and ‘reinsurance’ here interchangeably because they are both essentially the same thing.  Insurance companies claim that when their subsidiary (captive) sells them an insurance contract or security, the insurance company and it’s subsidiary are counterparties in that transaction.

Welcome to the insane world of a fascist system masquerading as a free market.  When a dog services himself, is there a chance that he may generate offspring?  Does a snake benefit greatly by eating it’s own tail?  I’m sure the geniuses on Wall Street would inform me that I’ve got it all wrong and that ‘financial innovation’ is great, but I don’t consider it progress when I sell something to myself.  Keeping it all in the family is also a good way to hide things.

The insurance company’s real counterparties are the banks that own the insurance company through debt.

The insurers collude with their banker counterparties to make sure that most of the losses end up with the bank and then, when the bank becomes insolvent, the bank gets taken over or bailed out.  Most employees get screwed, but who cares?  The big boys get their usual gargantuan bonuses and golden parachutes.  If the losses end up with the insurer, they get taken over or, as in the case of AIG, bailed out.  This way, the losses always end up on the backs of the taxpayer.

This is the strategy, people.  It’s tried, tested and true.  If you are unaware of the long history of banks and other financials being in the business of getting bailed out, I suggest you read Ed Griffin’s ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’.  The banker bailouts of three years ago (which continue to this day) are well known.  Obamacare is cover for the insurance industry bailout.  Through FEMA, the federal government sells flood insurance.

Harvard professor and catastrophe reinsurance industry insider Kenneth Froot writes;

“Ex-post financing of catastrophes occurs when other parties step in to transfer funds to those who experienced event losses.  Chief among these entities is, of course, the US government.  As is well known, the government has a major role in funding disasters at both state and federal levels, through a number of agencies, and through both the executive and legislative branches. 

Since the late 1970s, the Federal government has spent annually an average of $8 billion (current) dollars on disaster assistance.  This is far greater than the average annual loss born by reinsurers on US catastrophe coverage. 

In some forms of disasters, notably floods, the federal government has electively eliminated the incentive for private insurance contracts.  Indeed, before the Federal government stepped in to provide disaster relief, private insurers did offer flood insurance.

“The federal government is not the only entity involved in ex-post financing of catastrophes.  State guarantee funds are often the next line of defense if an insurer is unable to meet its policy liabilities.  And if the state fund is exhausted, then solvent insurance companies are often required to make up the difference.”

Wall Street and Intelligence Agencies: 

My proposed scenario entails the need for liaisons between the military and Wall Street.  These liaisons or ‘buffers’ are supplied by Western intelligence agencies.  Their criminal buffering activities consist of collecting Wall Street’s requests, obtaining security clearances and other authorizations, sanitizing information, inserting their own instructions and ultimately providing the military with detailed chemtrail spraying orders.

These activities are consistent with typical Western intelligence agency operations.

An intelligence agency is involved because it is advantageous to both Wall Street and the military to not know who exactly is on the other end of their transactions.  The intelligence agency’s activities increase anonymity which may ultimately shield individuals from prosecution should their activities become exposed.  Criminals require buffers.  Or as Willi Cicci said in The Godfather Part 2, “The family had a lot of buffers.”

An intelligence agency is also needed as a liaison because they can determine how the day to day operations should go on so as to not jeopardize the overall program.  In other words, they make sure the day to day operations are conducted in such a fashion as to keep the operation as secret as possible.

An intelligence agency can also direct the finer points of spraying.  The finer points would include spraying chemtrails as a psychological operation.  The people ordering from Wall Street are not concerned with the psy-operational aspects of chemtrail spraying.

An example of chemtrail spraying as a psychological operation might be a single chemtrail sprayed in a sky otherwise devoid of chemtrails.  A single chemtrail will not have a significant effect on weather, but the purpose of this might be to make people think that white lines in the sky are normal.

There is a better chance that people may only subconsciously notice a single white line in the sky rather than a whole grid which may be consciously noticed.  If a person only subconsciously notices something many times, that phenomenon becomes subconsciously registered as normal.  Intelligence agencies such as the CIA are masters of subliminal manipulations.

Intelligence agencies are also needed here to provide the operation with cover and protection.  In the information war, cover comes in the form of media dis/misinformation.

Cover also comes in the form of providing security and maintenance at the various chemtrail spray plane facilities scattered around North America.  The protection comes in the form of cars being ran off roads or black uniformed thugs with automatic firearms kicking your door in at 5:00AM.  Protection also comes in the form of legal intimidation.  Western intelligence agencies have people to do all these things and more… oh so much more!

 The Role of Geo-Engineers:

Geo-Engineers, in this scenario, would be needed to serve dual purposes as advisers to both the military and Wall Street.

Either directly or indirectly through an intelligence agency, Geo-Engineers would need to consult the commander(s) of the military spray operation(s).  A highly scientific operation such as this requires professional scientific advice.

In this scenario, geo-engineers would also need to be in contact with Wall Street via intelligence agencies.  The financial market players from Wall Street need detailed information about exactly how the weather may be modified in any given situation.

The geo-engineers tell intelligence agencies what is possible.  Intelligence agencies relay this information to Wall Street.  Acting upon the buffered advice, the financial sector participants decide what they want and then give their orders back to the intelligence agency who, in turn, gives the military their orders.


This proposed scenario is insurance fraud; plain and simple.  It may be institutionalized, systematic, industrial strength insurance fraud foisted upon the taxpayers instead of onto an insurance company, but insurance fraud nonetheless.

The people have become the insurer of all the ‘too big to fail’ corporations.  We have banks paying big money for stuff designed to become worthless so that the bought and paid for government will wring it out of the taxpayers.  In the meantime, they’re going to create a catastrophe.  They get away with it all because everybody thinks their man-made disasters are random acts of God.

Is this why chemtrails are being sprayed?  I don’t know.  No smoking gun that I know of has been produced yet.  I would love to catch David Keith or Ken Caldeira playing weather derivatives!

I know some things, though.  One is that if you follow the money, you will find the root of all evil; therefore nothing evil happens without money.

What other way could financial gain be achieved by spraying chemtrails?  I can’t think of another.  There doesn’t seem to be one.  And, yes, I am aware of and The Climate Exchange.

Maybe all chemtrail spraying operations are financed exclusively by central banks and/or black-ops military budgets as I previously speculated.  Then, to their Satanic Wall Street friends, intelligence agencies hand out information about upcoming spray activities like candy.  What would an intelligence agency get in return for handing out information worth tens and hundreds of thousands and millions and billions of dollars?  I don’t know.  It would probably be very dark.

Is a draught being manufactured right now in California?  We haven’t had any significant rainfall this season yet.

Whatever the case, we must get to the bottom of chemtrails in order to put a stop to them.  The only way to do that is to fully understand them.  Out of the what, where, when, why and how, the only hereto largely unknown is why.  If the reason chemtrails are sprayed is to manipulate weather related financial markets, then I hope I have done what is necessary to expose it.

Unless you know something I don’t, don’t contact the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).  Gary Gensler and the CFTC are too busy covering for Jon ‘the Don’ Corzine after he stole billions of dollars from his customers’ segregated accounts.  The CFTC is obviously corrupt and it’s probably not their area of expertise anyway.  I recommend contacting the General Accounting Office (GAO).  I will be.  Maybe you might want to contact the Securities and Exchange Commission.  I may.

The GAO does some good work.  Last year (2011) they released the first ever audit of the United States Federal Reserve Bank.  The former head of the GAO David Walker was the subject of the wonderful 2008 documentary ‘I.O.U.S.A.’.

David Walker has been preaching economic gospel for a long time.  The GAO also made a 2003 congressional report about the evolution of the catastrophe reinsurance market.  Working with people who want to work with you is much more productive than fighting with people who will never work with you.  Thank you.


Peter Kirby - January 12, 2012 - IntelHub



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