The Last Republican Flavor of the Week... Gov. John Huntsman

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The republicans are running out of stunt dummy candidates trying to defeat Ron Paul. There is no more idiots to prop up against the Texas congressmen. Just like Rick Santorum, John Huntsman was barely on the radar in the polls and all of sudden he gets 17 percent of the vote. I believe most of the votes belonged to Ron Paul. Not John Huntsman. ~ RealMan2020

Election fraud being commited trying to keep Ron Paul down. The former Utah governor was part of Obama's diplomatic corps being Ambassador to China. A very prestigious position to have.

The republicans are running out of losers. Everyone they try to prop up, gets politically destroyed. Herman Cain was first to fall, Gingrich destroyed himself. Santorum flip flops, Perry did not get off the ground, Bachman could not get any traction from the start.

They are all toast never to be revived. Now John Huntsman is the new establishment's stunt dummy to put out there as the candidate that can beat Obama. Well he is Obama, because he was appointed by the President to serve as a diplomat.

Gov Rick Perry who is the only sitting governor who is still in office in the republican field. He is so compromised by corruption. he does not know or is too scared. He could have demonstrated leadership standing up to the EPA trying to shut down coal power plants and the refineries in Texas.

Last years rolling blackouts, Gov Perry was nowhere to be found. If  the Texas Governor stood up to the President and the EPA protecting the Texas economy and power grid. That would have surged his poll numbers just doing his job.

Preaching against gay marriage and all these gimmicks on social issues are more of a liability of no relevance to the more pressing issues of today facing the nation . Perry could revive his campaign if he just stood up for Texas defeating the EPA and the White House. If he would have pushed back. He would have much better numbers then he does have now.

Gov John Huntsman is the last stunt dummy the establishment is trying push forward to spit Ron Paul's vote by election fraud. I'll know after the election in South Carolina. I have a feeling the rest of the field will drop out with only Romney and Paul being the only ones left in the field.

Gov. Jeb Bush and Chris Christi will not jump in because they will be politically destroyed like they did Cain, Gingrich, Santorum, Perry and Bachman. The globalist are running out of stooges. Ron is so close breaking away from the pack and the establishment's barrier.

Romney will not do well in the south and the western states. It is going to be harder to steal the vote when the field gets thinner and thinner. John Huntsman is just another stooge, the last stand against the anti establishment candidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul can win and he will.


RealMan2020 -January 11, 2012 - LoneStarWatchDog


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 01/13/2012 - 10:13am.