'Family Values'?... Rick Santorum’s Connection with Accused Penn State Child Molester Jerry Sandusky... Media Says Nothing!

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While the establishment media has ceaselessly smeared Ron Paul for the controversial content of decades-old newsletters that were not even written by him, the comparatively shocking scandal of Rick Santorum having sponsored alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky has been almost universally ignored.

Santorum, who has cultivated an image as a clean-cut social conservative trumpeting family values, nominated Sandusky for a “Congressional Angels in Adoption Award,” after Sandusky had already been accused of at least five cases of child molestation.

“Its philosophy is simple,” said Santorum of Sandusky’s charity, “It is easier to develop a child than to rehabilitate an adult.”


“Since the scandal broke into the news, Santorum has been circumspect in his comments about it. He has said he does not know Sandusky personally,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported back on November 9.

Following the revelation of the charge that a Penn State graduate assistant spotted Sandusky allegedly anally raping a young boy in a shower and then told head football coach Joe Paterno, Santorum defended Paterno, who did not inform the police of the alleged incident.

Despite Santorum’s surge before last week’s Iowa Republican primary that enabled him to virtually tie with Mitt Romney in first, the establishment media has uniformly failed to highlight how his sponsorship of Sandusky underscores Santorum’s hypocrisy when it comes to “family values”.

On the other hand, Congressman Ron Paul has been hounded by the media for weeks about the contents of decades-old newsletters that were not even written by him.

Almost every day, the corporate media contrives to manufacture a new smear against Ron Paul – today it’s the ludicrous claim that Paul was to blame for having to abandon a meet and greet at a New Hampshire diner after the media itself caused a fracas.

And yet establishment candidates such as Santorum and Romney have virtually been given a free pass despite their past associations and policies being far more odious and abhorrent to conservative values than Paul, who has the most conservative voting record in Congress.

“Why has Rick Santorum not been questioned about his connections and support of Jerry Sandusky?,” asks the Daily Paul.

“Ron Paul overlooked a couple sentences that went into his newsletter decades ago, and has been scrutinized and questioned repeatedly about it for the last 14 years.”

“So why not the same scrutiny for Santorum’s sponsorship of Sandusky to receive the congressional angels in adoption award? Paul has disavowed anything to do with the racism that appeared in his newsletter which he never knew about, but we still haven’t heard if Santorum disavows his outright honor of Sandusky.”


Paul Joseph Watson - January 9, 2012 - InfoWars


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 01/10/2012 - 10:07am.


Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 02/19/2012 - 1:37pm

Watch this video about Santorum and his connections. It is amazing the power of money, influence and corruption. Rick Santorum was named among the most corrupt politicians in 2005-2006 by a Washington watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.