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The information that a young mind receives goes a long way in shaping the future full-grown thinking brain. The concern comes down to what kind of information is presented and in the manner in which it's delivered.

My wife and I currently don't have any children, but we've talked it over and we firmly wish to homeschool our future children. In fact, we might allow them to be "unschooled," and we're swaying towards that direction.

Unschooling is when a parent allows the child to learn at home or on fields trips through life experiences, or by playing games and pursuing their own interests in their own way and speed. The child is usually more autonomous in their learning experience (this is the quick definition).

As most know, homeschooling is usually when one or both parents present lessons to their children at home. Homeschooling and unschooling are far from public school.

I prefer public school to be known as "government school." It is what it is, and it's an educational environment provided and often forced upon most folks by the government. "Public" makes it sound almost nice.

Right now, before I answer the question, "So why are you going to homeschool your children," let me preface it with 3 questions of my own to consider in regard to homeschooling/unschooling Vs government school:

1. While my children go through their educational experience, exactly what information is going to be presented to them and by whom?
2. Is the love of learning important to the educational experience and does a safe, fun place increase the passion to learn?
3. What's the possibility of inadvertently teaching something over-and-over again without knowing it or its future implications?

These 3 questions merely touch onto the topic of why school sucks. When I talk about "school," I'm referring to government schools and private schools that operate in similar fashions.

Exploring why school sucks is important in why my wife and myself came to relish the idea of protecting our future children from institutionalized schooling and thus giving them the best education that we see fit.

By the way, I use "sucks" not because it's a catchy alliteration or popular verbiage of students in school, but because school sucks the life, liberty, and love of learning out of the vast majority of people who bounce from class-to-class-to-grade-to-grade.

Buy I digress; let's delve into those 3 questions:


While my children go through their educational experience, exactly what information is going to be presented to them and by whom?

If we do however (in a delusional state of mind) decide to drop our future children off at the bus stop to board a vehicle highly resembling a prison bus, and they are whisked away to an educational institution full of strangers, we as parents would never know exactly what information is going to be presented. Period.

School buses look like prison buses

Once the children are out of sight, their education is also out of our minds as parents. This is disturbing:

Strange places.
Strange situations.

Under most aspects of life these three concepts are not necessarily bad. Let me explain how it might however be.

These three "things" will be exposed to and occur to our future children in government schools. It will be totally out of our control (and our children's own control), influence, and more importantly, our watchful eye if that bus takes them away.

These strangers are the teachers, the substitutes, the administrators, and other students who will have more control, more influence, and more watching and leering eyes on my offspring than we as loving parents.

If I take part in creating a new life, I want to guide and motivate and feel confident that my most precious creation is treated with love and respect by someone who has their best interest at heart:

That's me.
That's my wife.
And especially our future child as well.

Allowing strangers whom I will never meet and never fully know to gain responsibility and domination of what my child observes and learns is unacceptable. This fact is paramount in why I want to take part in homeschooling and/or unschooling our family.


Is the love of learning important to the educational experience and does a safe, fun place increase the passion to learn?

"School sucks!"

That's the way I felt all through K-12. The elementary, middle and high school that I attended sucked the love of learning out of me during that formative time period.

I feel cheated now as an adult.

At that time I was highly pressured and some might say forced to go to government school. While there I felt a wide range of negative feelings.

As you go through the following list of emotions I experienced at government school, ask yourself if they have any profound redeeming qualities to foster learning and a passion to learn more.

The negative feelings I often felt while enduring government school:


These 10 feeling seemed to be ever present at many times and intensities throughout my school years. Some might say,

"Suck it up! That's part of life. Everyone who goes through school has to deal with those things from time-to-time.

Facing those problems build character and is part of the growing experience.

Deal with it! "
Angry Teacher

My response:

"Experiencing those 10 feelings isn't the responsibility of the institution so as to create the strong possibility for those feelings to come about.

These feelings in school ranging from fear to boredom to anger are most likely unintended consequences of being surrounded by other forced-to-be-there-students."

One example is bullying.

Bullying only really gains traction in forced environments like school and prisons and the military. Once you are in those places, it can be next to impossible to leave on your own free-will.

So as a result of being in a situation with strangers who don't have your best interest at heart, these others will lash out in frustration that thus creates the bully and the prey.

Bullying doesn't have to be part of the human condition. It does far more harm than any potential benefits it might lend.

An unsafe, intimidating, boring, no-fun educational environment will create an association between negativity and learning. So thus learning is linked to drudgery and fear.

I remember feeling free when I graduated high school. One more time, "I felt free!" One might liken it to the feeling of being released from prison.

So now that I was free from the confines of this uncomfortable place, I was also free to stop learning.

Ignorance was warm and welcoming and easy.

It took me many years to deprogram myself and to start self-education my atrophied mind. I "deschooled" myself successfully.

Government school sucked. It sucked so bad that it took from me my formative years, filled it with fear and boredom and hid any passion to mentally grow. It kept me in a "kid state" longer than necessary.

I will never do the same to my children, for I want them to grow efficiently. Blaming my parents I am not, for they knew not what they did.

They, like so many other parents with good intentions just did as had been done to them and so many others. The culture has tricked society into believing that "kids" must be sent to government school or some other similar setting/institution to gain an education.

But there is another way:

Homeschooling and/or unschooling offers a fun, exciting, self-directing experience that empowers one with opportunities. To learn and love learning while feeling safe and cared-for and also avoiding negative influences and dangerous emotions that prohibit benign learning is equally important.

I will not force my child to sit and listen to my possible lectures about a topic they are uninterested in or don't want to understand.

Teachers who try to teach students who are forced to be in classrooms will often have "bad students." But those who want to learn something without any feelings of force will thrive and gain and acquire knowledge.

My future role in unschooling my future children will be not to teach so much but to direct and ask questions. Discovering what my child is interested in and to give him or her the tools and encouragement to pursue said interest will be my passion.

Prominent positive passion will spread.

However, government teachers in classrooms of children is not a positive situation. This one teacher might be passionate about teaching and trying to spread the seeds of learning to love to learn, but what about the other students?

Will the 30 or so other students instill my child with the love of learning or will their negativities infect and spread like a cancer?

Who has more influence: a positive teacher of one, or a group of 30 who often feel those 10 negative emotions I presented earlier?

Homeschooling offers far more positive things and fewer negativities. Government school is the opposite:

The School Sucks Cycle


What's the possibility of inadvertently teaching something over-and-over again without knowing it or its future implications?

Very possible. This is what concerns me about that bus taking my children away to an institution of fences, metal detectors, and police officers...oops, I mean resource officers roaming the halls.

Intentional or not, here are some possible ideas that will indoctrinate students who will go into the world and spread their newly acquired warped view and agenda. These "lessons" are not a benefit to society in my opinion:

Learning anything is best achieved by getting the knowledge and coaching by an authoritative person, usually in a large expensive building. "Personally, I disagree."

Learning must be done with others of a similar age. These others will largely be strangers with different needs and desires who will waste your time in learning efficiently. "Personally, I disagree."

Become a good worker bee, listen and do as the boss insists, don't question, stay with that organized group, and don't become a self-supporting and self-sufficient individual. "Personally, I disagree."

Accept financial ignorance and ignore the value of creating wealth in a self-employed way. Go to school to "get a job" not to "create" a job/living. Don't worry about saving and investing your money because you will always get a pay check or unemployment or welfare and eventually you'll collect Social Security. This is your right! "Personally, I disagree."

Obey and stop your imagination from a resistance plan. Blindly follow orders and arbitrary demands. Don't think about alternate solutions using creativity. You will get the answers you seek from authority. "Personally, I disagree."

Authority is always "just" and should be respected even if you don't immediately agree with it. "Personally, I disagree."

Monopolistic governance is essential. It's the best means to solve petty and large problems alike. "Personally, I disagree."

You and others like you are potentially dangerous and must be policed with skepticism and reduced freedoms by instituting random searches of body and property in the form of metal detectors, CCTV cameras, drug testing, and locker, bag, and pocket searches. All of this will be done by teachers, administrators, security guards and local police (AKA resource officers) who might put you in a cage for harmless and victimless reasons. Living and getting educated in a police state in necessary. "Personally, I disagree with all of my being."

It is my belief that government schools push and prod and propel these ideas into the subconscious of society to become the norm without demanding change and instituting self-action. And since the majority of society goes through government schools, I shudder.

My children will be conscious and aware of these evils but they won't personally experience them in government schools. What they will gain, however, from homeschooling and unschooling, is a sense of freedom, personal responsibility, autonomy, sound knowledge, and useful experiences. All of this will be achieved in a safe, healthy and fun place called home.

Which sounds better: homeschooling or police state schooling?

Police State Schooling By posing the 3 previous questions, the answers will be my ultimate reasons to walk hand-in-hand with my children or even to let my children go at it autonomously in the world of homeschooling and unschooling. My wife and I will discover what the children need to learn based on their interests and talents.

We will introduce the love of learning by allowing knowledge to be sought out in a voluntary setting. Force is not an option.

Safety, fun and fresh air are all important and conducive to a good education.

To be homeschooled and/or unschooled is the way to promote freedom, sound knowledge, and a love of learning throughout life. Government police state schooling is the way to prepare unimaginative worker drones to dislike learning and to accept an authoritarian world that is unbeatable.


What's it going to be...

Homeschool? Unschool? Or police state school?...

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