Susan Lindauer CIA Asset... 'I Can Now Speak 10 Years After 9/11'...

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Susan Lindauer (born 17 July 1963) is an American journalist, author, and antiwar activist. Working as an 'Asset' for the US Government, she was hired to negotiate with the 'sanctioned' Iraqi governmnet before the 9/11 disaster and on this new video she  'spills the beans' about what she experienced and knew about the whole sordid affair.

She says she quit because she was unable to  countenance what was really happening prior to the incident.

Author of Extreme Prejudice, she is the first CIA asset to have spoken out, under her own name and for the record, on Israeli complicity in 9/11, the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, and the specific, detailed foreknowledge of the time, target, and means of the 9/11 attacks held throughout the months prior to 9/11 by the CIA in general and Lindauer's CIA handler, Richard Fuisz, in particular.


She has also exposed her first-hand knowledge of pre-war intelligence and negotiations showing that Iraq was willing to give the US "anything it asked" and that the war was therefore--from the perspective of US interests--not only utterly unnecessary, but wildly counterproductive.

Lindauer's evidence points strongly to 9/11 being a coup d'etat by hard-line Zionists determined to steer the US into a self-destructive war on Israel's enemies.

She was subsequently accused of conspiring to act as an unregistered lobbyist for the Iraqi Intelligence Service and engaging in prohibited financial transactions involving the government of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

According to the U.S. government, Lindauer was found "mentally unfit" to stand trial and all charges were dropped in 2009. According to Lindauer, she was force fed psychoactive drugs so that the government would have an excuse for imprisoning her.

She spent a year imprisoned in the US prior to having the charges against her dropped.


December 28, 2011 - Mathaba


She is also well-known for her  informative and revealing video backgrounders, especially during the earlier stages of the War on Libya (see
Lockerbie Diary: Qadhafi, Fall Guy For CIA Drug Running; Whistleblower: Libya "Vampire War" is About Oil, Lockerbie and CIA Heroin Op and one of the most important articles written during the Western war against Libya: Susan Lindauer: Why Western Woman Must Support Gaddafi).


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 12/28/2011 - 10:45pm.