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Satellite pictures of empty cities in China where home prices are crashing... no cars, no people... nothing.

China's most famous ghost city on the outskirts of ORDOS has been empty for years

No cars in KANGBASHI, except for those parked at the glamorous government center

Empty houses in KANGBASHI -- with a luxury development in the upper right

CHENGGONG is building skyscrapers by the hundreds

CHENGGONG already has 100,000 new apartments with no occupants

CHENGGONG has two new universities. Both of them look empty

Dozens of new developments in JIANGSU with nary a car

Brand new, empty houses outside JIANGSU

Another empty development outside JIANGSU

Expensive lakeside condos in QIANDAOHU were bought by speculators. No one lives there

Already twice as big as Los Angeles, CHANGSHA is expanding rapidly to the east and the west

Here's one of the giant empty developments outside CHANGSHA

China is putting $19 billion into ZHENGZHOU NEW DISTRICT -- a megacity with 2 financial centers and 15 universities

ZHENGZHOU NEW DISTRICT is filled with glamorous public buildings

ERENHOT was built in the middle of a desert in Inner Mongolia

Half of ERENHOT is empty, the other half is unfinished

ERENHOT even has a luxury hotel

See that orange area to the north-east of the Xinyang?

It's a giant new development, which doesn't yet have a name

No cars in the city except for around 100 clustered around the government headquarters

The city of DANTU has been mostly empty for over a decade

In most neighborhoods of DANTU, there are no cars, no signs of life

An empty neighborhood in DANTU

Another empty neighborhood in DANTU

The mostly empty city of BAYANNAO'ER, which boasts a beautiful town hall and World Bank-sponsored water reclamation building

Finally, here's a picture of the unprecedentedly huge NEW SOUTH CHINA MALL -- which has been 99% empty since 2005


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 7:14pm.