Why Some US Soldiers Will Follow Illegal Orders to Arrest and Shoot Americans...

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Listening to Mark Koernke who is part of the leadership in the Michigan Militia, He has a lot of insight about history, especially the Soviet Union in the early days. For the last few years, he has advised all Military personal to get their families off the Military installations around the country and not to give up their weapons on or off post. There is a reason why he said this. ~ RealMan2020

We have to look back in history of the Russian revolution and the start of the red terror that swept Russia. I always wondered how could a soldier arrest and shoot innocent people. How could they do wicked things to their own fellow citizens? Here is some hidden history we do not hear today.

When the Bolsheviks took over the Russian Revolution. When the new form of government in Russia was created. Vladimir Lenin became the leader of the USSR replacing the Russian Czar Nicholas III. How he started the years of the red terror in the 1920s and 1930s, which was carried out by one of his minions. Anyone heard of Leon Trotsky?.

This murderous blood thirsty madman gave the order to his henchmen to detain the family members of Russian soldiers living on military bases. If the soldiers did not follow the orders to go out and arrest and murder as ordered. They would kill a family member or execute the family altogether as a consequence if the soldier did not obey.

This is how they kept soldiers from becoming deserters because they did not want to serve a tyrannical regime under Lenin. So they would hold their family hostage under threat of duress. This is how they were able to get the soldiers to seize the food out of the Ukraine. This is how famines were started in the other Russian provinces that once were the breadbasket of Europe.

Millions of people died of starvation and soldiers were ordered mow down unarmed civilians eating acorns in the snow. If they did not obey, the family could be executed. When the government has a gun to a family member's head, soldier will comply with what is ordered to do if he wanted to see their loved ones alive.

Now we fast-forward to today and we are seeing the playbook of the Bolsheviks is being carried out to use once again. Why does the Obama White House want Military personal to surrender their firearms off base and on post? It is because if the soldiers are disarmed in their homes on base, Foreign troops or a select group of people could be the ones who will hold the families hostage on base while soldiers are forced to go out and shoot Americans.

If the Military is armed with firearms in their own possession to defend themselves. It is impossible for them to try such an act against their families. This is why I recommend soldiers send their families back to their hometowns were they are best protected. Not in town near to the base in town. I mean back home were their home of record is.

To all soldiers, to the marines, do not surrender your firearms under any circumstance and send your families home now.

With this proposed Legislation in the US Senate up for a full vote today. One of the ways they can get the Military to go carry out illegal orders is to detain their families on base and to make sure all Military personal are disarmed on and off base. I know many in the Military are fed up with the system.

This is why we see Ron Paul getting most of the donations from former and active Military. They know something we do not know. They know what is at stake. Not only these illegal wars, but none of them want to be at war with their own fellow citizens. This is why Military personal need to get their families off the base, not live in town close by off post.

Nevertheless, back at home protected by the family. If S-1867 is going to be enforced. This is one of the ways they will get soldiers to carry out illegal orders.

People who have family in the service need to warn those on active duty so we can avert a full-blown police state takeover. They did this in the Soviet Union, what makes it anymore different now? They will do it again if it worked in Russia.

Do you agree?...

RealMan2020 - November 28, 2011 - LoneStarWatchDog


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 5:29pm.