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Americans United for Freedom Radical Islam and its essential, incestuous relationship to the deadly dictates of shariah law represents a mortal threat to the sovereignty of the constitutional republic we know as the United States of America. It is already actively imperiling western civilization in Europe … and now it has started in the United States! ~ Alan Keyes

And please understand, by "radical Islam" I do not mean to imply there is actually an entity truthfully described as "moderate Islam." What I mean by "radical" - in its truest sense - is returning to the root.

Because the truth is, the root of Islam - the all-encompassing teachings of Mohammed - is violent jihad aimed at total world domination.

Consider those three words: total world domination. That, my friend, includes our homeland, over which militant Islamists aim to hoist the banner of the Arabic crescent and star.

The Mohammedan banner is not the biblical banner of love, as portrayed in the Song of Solomon. Rather, it stands for destruction, domination, and death.

It matters little that our American history and culture rest squarely on the foundations of Judeo-Christian heritage. The forces of Islam, true to their medieval origin, seek to grind our Western way of life under their tyrannical heel … unless we stop them here and now!


To be frank, Islamists often rely on brute force to accomplish their goals … crushing their opponents into submission, as we've witnessed with invasion after invasion, throughout history in country after country.

But naked force is NOT the only weapon of Islam's arsenal. In nations like ours, where they are yet a relatively small minority, Muslims rely on stealth jihad. And that is accomplished through the imposition of shariah, the Islamic legal system that demands death for those who oppose Islam and its many legalistic dictates.

You see, Islamic shariah is the antithesis of American constitutional law. In order for shariah to thrive, personal freedom and liberty must die. That is exactly the goal of Islamists in America - and they are making tremendous headway.


Shariah law is a harsh and excessive legal and societal code straight from the Middle Ages:

* Islamic Brutal Punishment... It encourages husbands to beat their wives.

* It allows Muslim men to marry more than one wife, including "child brides" of only a few years old!

* It calls for "eye for an eye" revenge rather than justice.

* It commands torture for those convicted of crimes, including cutting off hands or feet, mutilation, and even crucifixion.

* It demands that "adulterers" - including innocent victims of rape - be stoned to death.

Shariah law is quickly entwining its deadly tentacles through our public schools, our courts, our society.

That's why you must, for the survival of the United States of America, help stop shariah here and now.

Islamists have declared war against you, me, and all freedom-loving Americans on multiple fronts.


My friend, right now - even as you are reading the words of this critically important message - stealth jihad is stealing your freedom … and that of your loved ones.

What's more, through this insidious form of Islamist warfare, Muslims are pushing shariah law in the United States, treasonably working for a barbaric foreign legal system to have precedence over our own constitutional republic … and in the process shredding the U.S. Constitution our forefathers crafted for us based upon the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Shariah 4 America

The simple truth is: you cannot allow this destruction of the U.S. Constitution to continue. You must help stop shariah!

Shariah law is already perverting American jurisprudence. In fact, in 2010 a New Jersey judge dropped charges against a Muslim man who brutally beat and raped his wife, all because the judge said the man's Islamic beliefs allowed such criminal conduct to overrule U.S. law!

There are presently pending more than 50 Appellate Court cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between shariah and American state law.


Even our U.S. prison system has been infiltrated by shariah law!

Ohio has decided to remove pork from prison menus in capitulation to a lawsuit brought by Muslim inmates. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction removed all pork to eliminate the possibility of the meat, forbidden by shariah law, from coming into contact with other foods during preparation.

Death row inmate Abdul Awkai had claimed the Ohio prison system denying him meals prepared according to Islamic law while at the same time providing kosher meals to Jewish prisoners is a civil rights violation and a restraint on his religious freedoms.

Finally, courageous and patriotic citizens in Oklahoma shouted, "Enough!" They passed a constitutional amendment banning the use of shariah law in their state's courtrooms.

Shariah ViolationsNeedless to say, the Islamists did not accept the decision of the people of Oklahoma. Through the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), they immediately filed suit in federal court, winning a temporary stay of the law.

But the fact is, I believe that ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in favor of the Oklahoma shariah ban … thus defending our cherished rights, secured by supreme law in the Constitution, from yet another vicious attack by the Islamists.

But while the Oklahoma case slowly winds its way through our judicial system, it is vitally important that you make your voice heard in Congress, demanding they duplicate Oklahoma's pro-American stance by passing similar national legislation to stop shariah.

Florida's U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams has introduced H.R. 973 which forbids foreign law - including shariah - from our United States court system.


I say, let's begin a nationwide tidal wave of anti-shariah, pro-Constitution action to battle against both open and stealth Islamic jihad in America.

Please contact the House and Senate leadership - or better, the call or fax the entire Congress - demanding that they defend our God-given natural rights and our U.S. Constitution's foundational legal protections by supporting H.R. 973 to stop shariah.

Shariah DominationHelp mount a pre-emptive strike against Islamic shariah law before America finds itself sharing the plight of our Islamized European allies, like the Netherlands and France, and even Great Britain.

With all the economic disarray confronting legislators today, America's accelerating culture war with shariah - portending major implications for freedom and national security - is being largely overlooked!

It is imperative that we inundate Congress, especially House and Senate Republican leaders' offices, with faxed petitions as soon as possible demanding action in stopping shariah law NOW.

If you are a patriotic, Constitution-loving American - as I know you are - your help in preserving our sovereign nation is desperately needed immediately.


My friend, don't delay. The forces of anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American shariah are hard at work right now, to weaken and destroy all that is good and decent in our country. It is critically necessary that you respond today, before the Islamists further diminish your constitutional liberties… in pursuit of their plan to turn you and your children into a dhimmi subject or literal slave of an Islamic state.

Behead Those Who Oppose Islam

Make no mistake, Muslim imams across America, with ties to violent Islamists like Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan and Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda, openly support the establishment of a "global caliphate" and the Islamic overthrow of our republic.

Under the guise of "religion" they openly advocate sedition - and shariah is their vehicle for subversively implementing their overthrow of the United States and the European West.

This is a battle for America! And when you send your faxed petition, please don't forget to add a generous gift to help us expand our fight. Your donations enable us to pursue our many liberty-defending, freedom-promoting projects.

A gift today of $25, $50, or $100 will go a long way to not only educate the public about the stealth jihad war being waged upon us by shariah law, but to also help defray our costs as we lobby on Capitol Hill to stop the Islamization of America.

We CAN stop the Islamic jihadists who are, right this very moment, shredding the U.S. Constitution in their crazed attacks on freedom, liberty, security. But time is short to contain the damage to our great country. Shariah must be stopped today.


I need you to answer our nation's call without delay. Please call or send your fax NOW.

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes
Americans United for Freedom

P.S. Islam and shariah pose a threat to America's survival as a constitutional republic in an insidious fashion no penetrating alien ideology has ever posed before.

In fact, through Islamic shariah law, every last vestige of your freedom - and that of your children - could be stripped from you and shackles of bondage clamped upon your wrists.

Now is the time to stand … now is the time to act. Please fax your petition to Congress today, and add a generous gift to enable us to reach more Americans, and better defend your rights and freedom from those - like the purveyors of Islamic shariah - who are hard at work devising plans to steal your liberty for all time.

Americans United for Freedom
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Alan Keyes - October 21, 2011 - LibertyNewsOnline


* It commands violent jihad and the total subjugation or annihilation of all religions other than Islam.

* It calls for the deaths of "apostates" - that is, anyone who leaves Islam.

* It says anyone critical of Islam or Muhammad must be killed.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 10/26/2011 - 6:51pm.