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Apparently from the files of Albert E. Carter, a fellow with a long and interesting history in Patriot circles, this PDF file purports to be a copy of an unofficial internal IRS memo, detailing how Service employees should view their ability not to file and pay taxes, in a changing regulatory atmosphere.


I'm not sure I believe the document is what it's purported to be. I worked briefly for the I.R.S. (forgive me :), in, I think, the late 1980's. I never saw or heard about this memo. And (as the document does suggest), a background check was done to make sure, among other things, that my own "tax affairs" were up to date, etc., and there was no tax still owing. That's not inconsistent with what the document says, however - so, I dunno. Maybe it's for real, maybe not.

Regardless - it makes interesting and perhaps important reading, in that it lays out particulars involving how "income" and "wages" are distinct and different things.

The PDF file appears to be coded _not_ to allow saving a copy of it on one's own computer. (That can be gotten around, I think, if you're comfortable at the command line on your machine.) So, if you want a copy, it might be best to print it out.



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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 02/25/2008 - 7:13pm.


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