Could Cloud Seeding Save the U.S. West Coast?

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As Americans on the West Coast brace themselves for the potential nuclear fallout that will be carried their way by air and sea, there is yet a solution to the air radiation that ought to be tried - now.

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Cloud seeding 1957 near Sydney. (

Cloud seeding. It's the practice of spraying silver iodide into clouds in order to induce rain. It could have the potential to push the toxicity in the air back into the Pacific ocean. While many vigilant citizens may say this sounds suspiciously HAARP-ish, consider the merits of this idea. It's been implemented for years. Reference this 2005 article from Wyoming...

"You have to have clouds to seed," said [Tara] Jensen, cautioning that persistent drought with no water-laden clouds poses a problem.

"Inserting silver iodide pellets into moisture-bearing clouds has the potential to increase snowfall by 10 percent to 20 percent above normal," she said.

I well remember the cloud-seeding experiments: at the time, I was the News Director at an AM/FM combo right in the heart of ranching country. Most of Wyoming and other parts of the region where the plains meet the Rockies had been in a state of drought since 1999, devastating the farming and ranching community. Cloud-seeding took place when the weather conditions were just right, in an effort to bring more rain. The results were upwards of 20 percent more precipitation.

This is science that works. All we need to do is find some experienced pilots who would be willing to donate their time and planes, concerned people to pool their money to buy the silver iodide, and this project could be accomplished quickly.

There are drawbacks, however. writes, "Silver oxide, another cloud seeding favorite, is said to be non-toxic to humans yet it is known to have severe detrimental affects on fish."

If something is to be done, it must be ASAP.

If the free and sovereign American people accomplished this feat entirely through the private sector, it would not only save lives, but become an important "V" for Victory in the war against big government.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 03/16/2011 - 11:11am.