Agenda 21... The High Speed Rail Deception... Only the Elite Will Drive Personal Vehicles...

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As if paying exorbitant road tax wasn't bad enough, we're now being told we're going to be double taxed on some roads if we're even to be allowed on them at all. ~ Neil Foster

Forgive me if I'm mistaken but isn't double taxation illegal? I believe it is but I suppose when you have continuous criminal governments running your country, you can expect no less than criminal activity.

So what're the real reasons for this so called "˜transport ban' which some bureaucratic genius has apparently dreamed up all by themselves?

I'll make it easy for you…. It's just another part of the implementation of Agenda 21; just another facet of the UN plan to get you off the road and contain you in your allotted area. This is what all totalitarian regimes have done in the past and the UN is no different.

Through illegal double taxation and banning us from roads, the government of the day, presently Fine Gael and "˜New' Labour, (Sounds a little scary, where have I heard that before?) we'll be put under financial and practical pressures and controls to force us to abandon the private car in favour of dilapidated public transport. I wouldn't be surprised to see another convenient "˜scrappage plan' perhaps linked to a travel ration allocation for a period of time to fool you into thinking this will go on forever.

I'm sure government will try to "˜sex up' the public transport system briefly to coerce and cajole us all onto it before flogging the whole system to their friends in the IMF or elsewhere which will simply result in funding being curtailed and the system collapsing completely.

By this time, after years of "˜austerity' to pay back the criminal banking elite who run your country, you won't be able to revert back to the car you sold in favour of the ramshackle public transport system and your travel vouchers which ran out a long time beforehand, which these crooks have left you to get around on.

Of course, the brainwashed greenies will love it because Agenda 21 is their agenda too; well at least for those at the top. The greenie activists will be rounded up like everyone else eventually once they've gotten themselves sterilised either intentionally or through their unwitting consumption of GM foods which they don't even know are on every supermarket shelf in the country despite what their lying leaders tell them about fighting this atrocity against nature.

I think most of us would be familiar with the pictures in old newsreels and movies of people being forced onto trains to be taken to "˜holiday camps' where they would be looked after by the benevolent government. We also know what happened to those people.

You see, we are all being trained, if you'll pardon the pun, into believing that the government wouldn't be that nasty to its citizens in this "˜modern' era. Well, that depends how long you consider the "˜modern' era I suppose. I'm sure those rounded up in Stalin's purges during the "˜Red Terror' and Hitler's rounding up of "˜undesirables' thought they were living in their own "˜modern' era.

When the only people allowed to own public transport are the ruling elite and their proxy government puppets, do you really think they want you on the road potentially getting in their way when you're in dire poverty and struggling to physically survive?

Do you really think that your government wouldn't take all necessary measures to insure that their bread was well buttered and their own private transport assured at your expense to please their bankster masters?

Just look around at what they've done to you and your family already! They've consigned you and your future generations to the employment and financial scrapheap. You have been discarded and left to fend for yourselves when real poverty strikes the nation in a few years.

One paragraph in this banal article states:

The National Transport Authority added that only a "limited" amount of new roads would be built over the next two decades, and that, despite investment in rail and buses, the forecast growth in population and employment would "considerably worsen" congestion.

Firstly note the word "˜authority'. That means you will do as you are told and obey such an "˜authority'. Secondly, Ireland is experiencing the biggest exodus since the famine, or as it should rightly be called, the Irish Holocaust. Population growth is absurd!

Lastly, and this is the real joke being played on us all, "˜forecast employment growth would considerably worsen congestion'.

I ask you; what planet is the writer of this garbage on? We're heading into the biggest worldwide depression in history and that's why people are leaving this country in particular to try to find work and a place to survive abroad.

We already have record numbers of homeless, record numbers of families struggling to pay mortgages and rents, record unemployment, record repossessions of homes by the very bankers we've all "˜bailed out'. Bailed out is of course a huge joke being played on the public by those in government as they know full well that the banks lost NOTHING! You can't lose money when that money never existed in the first place. Besides, don't the banks just print the stuff? How can they lose anything when they can simply print as much as they want?

They're all owned by the same cozy cartel which owns the IMF, World Bank and the UN!

Getting back to repossessions and the obvious fallout of homeless families being thrown out on the street to survive; what do you think the government solution to this will be because I assure you they won't risk angry mobs showing up at their front door?

Transport is again a key element here as "˜concentration' camps will be set up outside the major cities; but not too far away. We won't be allowed to contaminate the countryside which will be the playground of the super-rich elite, and to a lesser degree, their lackey politicians.

That's where public transport comes in again. Have you noticed the "˜Park & Ride' facilities outside the cities recently?

They'll be used to transport large groups, or "˜concentrations' of people out to the camps where they will be used, abused and ultimately eliminated as and when they become a burden to the system.

This is what Agenda 21 is all about so don't be fooled by "˜transport' policies or excuses to change the speed limits to "˜conserve fuel' or to "˜protect the environment'.

It's all just a huge deception to remove your private means of transportation to keep you contained primarily in your towns and cities to enable the ultimately simply process of rounding you all up at a later date.


Neil Foster - March 1, 2011 - SovereignIndependent


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 03/07/2011 - 3:11pm.