2011 Is Likely the Last Year for Americans to Defect

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 02/25/2011 - 12:25pm.

Americans, in general, aren't aware of this but with few exceptions they are the most oppressed, controlled and freedom-less tax slaves (citizens) of almost any tax farm (country) in the world.  Sure there are a few worse ones.  North Korea, Venezuela and Iran come to mind and maybe a few dozen other "sovereign states" that you've never heard of.  But, really, we are talking the bottom of the barrel. ~ Jeff Berwick

I just spent the weekend in Phoenix, a place I think I can quite fairly call a police state - not just because I was in handcuffs within hours of arrival but also because the local Sheriff, referred to by all the locals as Sheriff Joe, operates his own "tent city" which he actually is on record as calling his own private concentration camp.  A place where, if caught on certain crimes such as drunk driving you will be sent, without trial, for 30 days into the desert in a pink jumpsuit.

But that isn't why I consider Americans to be the most oppressed of all "first world" tax slaves.  The reason Americans are, by far, the most oppressed and controlled is because even if you leave the US you are still under control of the US Government and obligated to pay taxes in the US, for life, no matter if you never return to the US.  Even if you surrender your US passport, something which is highly recommended but difficult to do, they still claim a period of 10 years whereby they can tax you.  And that's not even to mention that it is illegal to leave the US in order to avoid paying taxes!

That's why for most people who leave their home country it is called "expatriation".  But because it is so difficult for Americans to get out of the grasp of the US Government, the more appropriate term is "defection".

Americans in some ways are even less free than North Korean citizens.  North Korean citizens are welcomed by most banks and brokerages in the world whereas Americans are persona non grata almost anywhere outside of the United State because the US Government has stated to the world that if you open an account for an American citizen you will have black helicopters on your roof the next morning.

If you live in the US and haven't noticed all of the above, noticed the "cash sniffing dogs" at most major airports checking Americans on their way out of the US and wonder why Mexicans can come and go but there is a fence encompassing much of the US/Mexican border (hint: to keep Americans in) then you now know how German Jews felt cerca 1939... wildly, and incorrectly, optimistic about the future and what the government has in store for you.

I don't mean to say this to scare people or sensationalize things, but really, almost all of the above is 100% verifiable and true - if you don't believe it, look it up.  What other explanation do you have for all the actions of the US Government?  There is only so much handwriting you can see on the wall before you have to face facts or at least make some preparations.  If there is a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on you a few miles away only the most stubborn and stupid would respond, "But we've never had a category 5 hurricane here before, I'm going to the beach."  Normalcy bias kills.

There are even all sorts of new laws, including this proposed law to fingerprint and collect personal information from anyone buying more than $100 worth of gold in Washington State.

And don't think you can even escape the claws of the US Government by killing yourself.  Suicide is illegal!  And they even have a tax specifically for people who die.  Land of the free!

If you have yet to begin internationalizing your IRA, as guided by my colleague, Terry Coxon's, excellent book and services called Unleash Your IRA, what exactly are you waiting for?  What further proof do you need to see that at the very least your government is a dangerous pickpocket and does not have your own personal interests in mind?

If you haven't begun to get a second passport or at least residency in many of the beautiful destinations we have recommended to subscribers in the TDV newsletter such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico and Malaysia, what are you waiting for?  Don't tell me you believe the propaganda as read to you from teleprompters by Barack Obama or Katie Couric, telling you of how dangerous these other places are?  Even the people in Pyongyang likely sense there might be a little something wrong with the world as portrayed to them by their nightly newscast.

And if you don't have the money/assets to do any of these things, beg or borrow a few thousand dollars to invest in gold, silver or the precious metals, agriculture or uranium stocks we discover each month in our newsletter which have brought nearly 100% gains within 6 months to many and potential for much more as the US dollar is destroyed by Ben Bernanke.  It's not like he hasn't told you he is going to do it.  It's amazing how most people miss the most obvious things.

You can still internationalize your IRA.  You can still legally get a second passport and you can still legally buy gold bullion offshore and foreign real estate.  Don't wait until it isn't legal... then it will be much harder or impossible.


Jeff Berwick - February 22, 2011 - TheDollarVigilante

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 02/25/2011 - 12:25pm.