Revealed At Last... The Beast of Revelation! ~ Part 2

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The Bible had this insight long before any modern pundit could possibly discern the covert machinations that culminated in a restored Jewish state. However, this resuscitated nation is a pretender! ~ Walter Kazimir

Altho populated by Jews (progeny of Judah, one of Israel's 12 sons), they call themselves Israel, in pretense of comprising the original, full 12 tribes of Jacob. Even IF all 12 tribes should be "˜represented' in today's Israel (as claimed), Jewish researchers have found that those known as Ashkenazi Jews (who engineered the takeover of Palestine) are actually descended from the Khazar people, who lived in the Caucasus region, and whose king made his whole nation convert to Judaism in the eighth century.

Ancient Israel, the state, occasionally worshipped the true God, the new nation follows a worldly, ultra-nationalist, pseudo-religion known as Zionism. Thus, "˜Israel' has reappeared, but in a new, ersatz format, just as predicted. (See also, Rev 3:9 for another hint about Israel.)

Now, the second prominent nation, the later one that originates in a less populous region, seems to reach its zenith near the culmination of apocalyptic events. Again, on the evidence, there's one nation that immediately springs to mind- the USA. Obviously, it didn't exist at the time of John. When it did appear, it arose in the "˜new world', far from the populations of the old world.

Its declaration of the rights and freedoms of individuals, particularly in regard to religious worship, the USA indeed looked lamb-like, and the two horns could symbolize the separation of church and state. Lately, there is no doubt about the dragon-like voice with which the US government has been throwing its weight around the world over the last 60 years or more. All nations of the world are compelled to heed the voice of the US government, whether they like it or not.

In the vivid imagery of Revelation, this beast calls down fire from heaven, and deceives the Earth with the "˜signs' he has the power to perform in front of the world (vs. 13-14). This made little sense- until the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, and recapitulated in the "˜Shock and Awe' invasion of Iraq. Now it reads as prescient indeed! Especially now that we know the extent to which deception was used to justify war.

The lobbying of the "˜religious right' has become increasingly influential since the Reagan presidency of the 1980s. It is a profane, false Christianity influencing affairs in D.C., and through their warped interpretation of eschatology, they are closely linked to Zionist ("˜Judaic') interests (hence, "˜Judeo-Christianity'). That is the cursory analysis of "˜the harlot riding the beast.'

However, one could argue that the religious right is still, nominally, Christian, and not exactly what the prophecy points to. There exists a more covert connection between an abominable religion and the US administration. Summarizing a vast amount of evidence, there is undeniable evidence that the individuals who populate the US administration are linked to a panoply of occult practices and symbolism that can be traced back to ancient Babylon.

These politicians congregate at the "˜Bohemian Grove' (California) annually to indulge in bizarre, satanic rituals. That is their abominable, antichristian religion. It is well known that G.W. Bush, J.F. Kerry, and many other political figures are members of the Yale U. secret society called the "˜Skull and Bones.'

Many high-placed officials in Washington are associated with various occult/Masonic societies, as a little Internet research will attest. It could be sensibly argued that these "˜mystery cults' of the elite more accurately represent the prostitute of the prophecy.

One can think of Zionism as a geo-political conspiracy for the "˜New World Order' whose top names come largely from the ranks of Jews. In any case, it is indisputable that Washington is dominated by Zionist interests promoted by Israeli-American "˜dual-citizens.'

Leveraging these "˜inside assets,' the Israeli government exerts pressure over the USA, particularly to do its dirty work in the Middle East. For decades the US delegation has used its veto in the Security Council of the United Nations to prevent censure of Israel. Lately, US foreign policy seems to be dictated by Tel Aviv.

The First and Second Gulf Wars make little sense except when analyzed in the light of Israel using US military power to subdue its enemies. When Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, and Gaza in 2008, deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure and killing non-combatants, the US waited until it was too late before expressing some measure of reservation over the Israeli depredations.

While Israel and the USA make an uproar about supposed nuclear ambitions by Iran, they simply ignore the open secret that Israel already possesses nuclear weapons, and has the means to deploy them. Any nation fingered by Washington must jump and salute; however, Israel gets a free pass.

In other words, the "˜second beast'- the USA- causes the rest of the world to worship the first beast- Israel. The trend is so marked that we can see that it's a hallmark of the "˜New World Order.'

As many commentators have speculated, the 10 horns (of 17:12) probably refer to the countries of the European Union, that have had reservations about Israel's policies towards the Palestinians, yet in the end, support the US-British backing of Israel. Once EU membership exceeded ten nations, some pundits abandoned this view. They fail to note that "˜ten' is simply a symbolic count for an inclusive set.

In any case, only ten or fewer countries have significant influence on EU foreign affairs. This view also  accords with Daniel's vision of the statue in chapter 2, where the feet and toes ("˜of iron mixed with clay') have long been identified as the "˜revived Roman Empire' embodied in the modern EU, with its strained mix of strong and feeble economies.

Many commentators have taken the picture of "˜buying and selling' in chapter 13 quite literally, and have weaved some rather bizarre scenarios based on that view (e.g. micro-chips, bar-codes in people's flesh). However, it's not unreasonable to take the figure as symbolic… but, of what?

Perhaps Proverbs 23:23 gives a clue: "Buy truth, and do not sell it, Get wisdom and instruction and understanding." By means of so-called "˜anti-hate' laws, it is becoming almost impossible for anyone to legitimately question Israeli policies and actions. Increasingly, no one in Western societies can dare openly criticize Israel without unleashing severe censure.

It doesn't take much imagination to foresee a time when any expression of reservation about Israel will result in prison or even death. And yet, how can we "˜get understanding' if any criticism of Israel is crushed by so-called "˜anti-hate laws?' Zechariah 11:4-6 is another passage that puts buying and selling in the context of duplicitous and predatory exploitation of one class by another, and God's judgment on them.

So, Rev 13:17 may be alluding to the fact that no one can speak truth about Israel and religion, but only mouth what the state permits.

Nonetheless, with the huge crises in the world banking system in recent years, it is equally possible that the "˜buying and selling' may be literal. A little research will confirm that the global banking regime is largely in the hands of a cabal of Jews, and that they have, in fact, implemented a key strategy cited in the enigmatic "˜Protocols of Zion.'

The world's banks are under the management of a tiny elite, and all money is regarded as debt owed to them. Hence, they have total control over money, and with the advent of computerized records systems and banking cards, the banks can exert unparalleled monitoring of transactions (ie. buying and selling).

Many pundits have postulated that we are heading for a system where micro-chips will replace tangible money, and the prophetic vision could be realized literally.

The one piece of the puzzle that escapes me at present is the question of the "˜image of the beast.' While the other pieces fall into place fairly neatly, this one is far from obvious, at least at this time. I expect that it will become apparent as events unfold, but for the time being, the image is an open question.

The NIV translates the passage as: "an image in honor of the beast." The NASB and the KJV translation is: "an image to the beast." In the Amplified Bible, the passage reads: "a statue (an image) in the likeness of the beast." So, we have the later nation commanding the inhabitants of the earth to "˜make an image' that represents the first (restored) nation in some manner.

My guess is that the construction of the image hasn't yet happened, and when it does, we will be close to the end of the game. I predict that when the USA proposes some kind of "˜solution' to the Middle East crisis that involves enforced homage to something that stands for (symbolizes, represents) the state of Israel, then we will recognize the fulfillment of this graphic prophecy. I expect that whatever it is, it will be a surprise to all, yet clear to those who remember scripture.

The other puzzle-piece is the ultimate uncovering of the false, apostate, mystic religion that masquerades as Judeo-Christianity, and that exercises covert control over the nations. It has long been realized that the Vatican, seat of Roman Catholic authority, is full of mystic symbolism derived from Egyptian and Babylonian sources.

Since "˜Mystery Babylon' is the "˜mother of ALL harlots,' then all the Christian denominations are implicated, not just Roman Catholicism. Similarly, modern Judaism, via the Talmud, is heavily influenced by Kabbalah, a mystic school that dates back to the time of their captivity in ancient Babylon.

Investigators claim covert connections between the Vatican and Zionists, and although those theories are speculative, there's no doubting the common lineage of their mystic symbolism, namely, Babylon.

Finally, I should anticipate one observation that some readers who are versed in history may raise. The predictive imagery of widespread, bloody persecution of true believers by an apostate church prevailing upon government to do its bidding, may ring familiar. Yes, it happened during the Dark Ages, when the official, Rome-based Church persecuted "˜heretics' of all kinds, especially those who revered the Bible.

It is possible for prophecy to have a primary, literal fulfillment, and a later, figurative reprise. Thus, the persecution of the first millennium could be repeated in its characteristics in this third millennium, with different actors but the same plot… and a much shorter time frame.

Indeed, almost all exponents of eschatology have identified the (first) Beast (of Rev. 13) as the Roman Catholic Church or the European Union. The reader should see, now, that this can't be: John repeats the phrase "˜that was, and is not, and will come' for the purpose of making a point. That point should not be lost on us, latter day readers, who need it most! (Refer to item no. 1, above, in the summary of facts). Only Israel had existed prior to John's last book (ca. 90 AD), had gone into oblivion in 70 AD, and "˜re-appeared' two millennia later.

This "˜beast' therefore, cannot be the Roman church or the EU… nor some yet-to-emerge "˜Antichrist!' The acuity of hindsight, I think it is clear that the prophecies of Daniel focus on the history of the early Christian church, while those of Revelation move the spotlight to the End of the Age, and the geo-political turmoil of these times.


What I hope this analysis demonstrates is that without imposing a lot of exogenous, novel, dogmatic interpretations on the text, and allowing the scriptures to illuminate themselves, a sensible picture readily emerges… and, without the need of a Ph.D. in something or other to do so. Another important thing is that the Bible is not a book of science-fiction or technological predictions.

The abstract scenes in Revelation are sketches of geo-political and geo-religious currents, not of helicopters, atomic weapons, and so on (as sensationally claimed by some American Evangelicals). And note that the whole panorama would not be comprehensible until the time when it is needed.

We must note that the text had to be written in such a way that an accurate prophecy can be presented without being so obvious that unscrupulous forces could suppress or alter it. Yet, the clues are skillfully encoded so that someone who has a reasonable understanding of history, and allows the scripture to explain itself, can gain a clear grasp of who the actors are, and what they are doing.

Still, the picture only clarifies after the fact; i.e. after the forecast events actually begin, or as they unfold. In this process, it is astonishing to see how a book written millennia ago in a far-off land contains a description of the geo-political and religious situation that has unfolded over the last, mere half-century or so… within the lifetime of many who read this article.

Friends, you can't make this stuff up- no human mind could produce the bizarre vision-clips of Revelation, and use them to accurately predict world political events 2,000 years in the future!

Clearly, the prophecies are designed to demonstrate and reveal that God is real and supreme, and that we can't determine what will happen next- it is entirely in His hands. Our job is just to trust and believe. I pray that sincere atheists will read this essay and have their eyes opened to the beauty of God's scriptures.

Remember, the Bible has been in a more or less final, "˜canonical' state for many centuries. The prophecies survived intact to this day for the very purpose of demonstrating the genius behind them. No human could have achieved such a feat- that's why this book is truly a Revelation!

(My verse-by-verse analysis is available if a reader wants to follow the detailed study; go to

Walter Kazimir - February 14, 2011 - PakalertPress

Revealed At Last...  The Beast of Revelation!  ~  Part 1


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After reading this two part article, I can say that you understand stage 1. "The end of times" goes deeper than what the average person can comprehend.