China Shipping Weapon Components Illegally

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Chinese firms Zibo Chemet and Dalian Liaosin Trading Company were fined for illegal exports according to a April 3rd, 2008 cable sent from the American Embassy. The same message also outlined the concerns related to the shipment of ingredients to start the synthesis of Biological Agents to the country. The source of these agents remain unknown and unreported. ~ Eddy Rochelle

Zibo Chemet is a Chinese manufacturer of equipment used in the development of biological agents, amongst other chemical processes. The company was fined $64,285 for export control violations by the People's Republic of China (PRC).

The Arms Control and Disarmament Department Chemical and Biological Weapons Division headed by Chen Kai at the time continues to stress to the United States that the two companies involved are under intense scrutiny by the government officials to curb the tide of illegal weapon manufacturing trade. The United States in turn is urging a continued investigation into the corporations.

The Dalian Dilemma...

Dalian Liaosin Trading Company, also known as Blue Sky Industry headed by Li Fang Wei is seemingly at the constant epicenter of essential Weapons of Mass Destruction material trade. In April of 2009 the company was found to have been shipping weapons class material to Iran, which included some components needed for the production of nuclear weapons. This included 25 tons of maraging steel, which one of the metals strong enough to make gas centrifuges.

Though the cable preceded the Iranian transactions, many of the same materials were also reportedly shipped to North Korea. The company is also suspected of shipping parts to North Korea. The cable underscored intense concerns on the part of the United States to keep the Dalian connection under intense scrutiny and investigation.

The New York District Attorney Office in Manhattan issued a 118 count indictment against the company for the proliferation of illicit missile and nuclear technology to the Government of Iran on April 7, 2009. The findings of the District Attorney also included many charges of the misusing of American banks.

Dalian is also the city of choice for the North Korean leadership to hold meetings due to it's rich industrial and military background and proximity to the Korean peninsula. Kim Jong Il's last visit to the city was in May of 2009 when speculation of his imminent death were swirling in the media.


With the strengthening economic and military connections within China the illicit weapons trade will gradually begin to go unchecked. Organizations such as the United Nations, IAEA and various military organizations tasked with stemming the flow of materials to build Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the weapons themselves are intensifying their efforts.

The primary customers of these companies are now going through political and economic changes of their own. This presents a lucrative market to corporations once held by world banks that controlled the ins and outs of their economies. With the paradigm shift in world power comes the new age of proliferation by the Chinese, all to encourage secretive empire building through the might of weapons.


Eddy Rochelle - February 3, 2011 - ThisWeekInTruth

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 02/12/2011 - 10:17pm.