Forced Energy Rationing!... Germany Passes Energy Tyranny Act

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This is serious! A new law has been passed by the German government, quietly and almost unnoticed. Soon in the future, the government will tell its citizens how much energy they can consume. ~ P.Gosselin 

If the German State can pass this, then it can pretty much do whatever the hell it damn well pleases.

Gone are the days of a government that is there to serve its citizens. Here to stay is a group of elitists who are going to boss the citizens around and tell them how to live.

But of course it’s all in the name of saving planet from climate catastrophe. Never mind what Edenhofer of the PIK said awhile back, read here. They are moving quickly now, and Germany is now lost. Although climate scepticism is rising, it’s too late.

America – the last hope

I pray that the few remaining freedom-loving lawmakers in America are taking notice of this eco-martial law movement now sweeping across Europe. The greenshirts are already getting out of their cars in front of your homes (think EPA). Are you going to let them kick your doors down too? They are only waiting for the green light from Ms Lisa Jackson.

Germany’s first step in declaring eco-martial law

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) reports on the new German Energy Efficiency Law that was quietly passed on the 4th of November 2010 with nary a press report and under the noses of its citizens -passed under the guise of “necessary-to-implement EU Directives” to increase energy efficiency. The name of the law in German:

Gesetz über Energiedienstleistungen und andere Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen vom 4. November 2010 (BGBl. I S. 1483)

In English:

Law on Energy Services and other Energy Efficiency Measures dated 4 November 2010 (BGBl. I S. 1483)

Just call it the Energy Tyranny Act. Michael Limburg of EIKE has looked at this in detail and writes:

With this law, the free market is going to be abolished, carefully converted with efforts to…“remove existing market obstacles and deficiencies.

Of course the law provides for the creation of a new bureaucracy to implement its provisions – with the state taking over authority. Limburg writes about what the Energy Tyranny Act means:

That means citizens will have to be and can be forced to make comprehensive energy savings in a very short time. And to make sure that functions:

Power companies, grid operators and energy retail companies are especially required to carry out special obligations in order to create the conditions for the development and promotion of a market for energy service companies and for creating other measures for improving energy efficiency for the consumer. Included in this are especially information, promotion and assurance obligations. These companies are also obligated to maintain infomational billing of energy consumption. 

In plain English: Power and energy companies will be required to collect consumption data on each and every citizen and provide the means to meet energy efficiency targets.

Enforcement by the state

All this will have to be monitored of course – by a new powerful bureaucracy, which will have powers to run lives. Paragraph 9 of the law stipulates which government body will observe our energy consumption. The Federal Office for Economics and Export Control will take on the duties of the Federal Office for Energy Efficiency.

Some of these duties include the calculation of energy saving target values and monitoring the progress savings are made by the consumers. And if savings are not achieved quickly enough, Limburg writes:

In the event that the forces of the newly abolished free market are not sufficient, which of course will certainly turn out to be the case, they will be able to draw up proposals for forcing the citizens, and to sanction if necessary, to reach the ambitious targets.

EIKE reader Stefan Steger writes:

Maybe I’ve seen too much science fiction, but it appears the Orwellian surveillance society is becoming a reality; you could call it East Germany 2.0 . The whole thing has a system to it:
1. Implementation of smart grids.
2. Outsourcing of meter reading by public utilities.
3. State control of meter reading.
4. Regulating the energy consumption per person/ household etc.
5. Limiting of energy use by using intelligent meters and automatic shut-off  switches.
6. And liquidators will be sent to violating households.

Mike Limburg ends by quoting Kurt Tucholsky:

If people could change the course of politics through elections, then elections would have been banned long ago.”

That is indeed a sad but true commentary on the state of German democracy (what’s left of it) today.

The Great Menace – how far can this go?

This is just the start of the so-called “The Great Transformation“ envisioned by extremists like Edenhofer, Schellnhuber and host of other social engineering zealots. It begins with rationing energy, but where does it end? What’s next?

Our water consumption? Our meat consumption? Our internet access? Our mobility? Our lights? Our weight?  How about sugar intake? The right to our organs? Our life span (death panels)? Our property and money we earn? Our freedom to speak?

They can do what they want and there is nothing now to stop them. Today there is no political opposition to this coming green tyranny – all parties in Germany, from right to left, are for it. They are only fighting each other to see who gets to have the fun of carrying out this dangerous experiment. They are all racing to see who can be Erich Honecker 2.0 first!

**Urgently needed is an opposition…and maybe another D-Day.


Democratic regimes are not well prepared for the level of participation that is required: Can free democratic societies cope with the effects of grave changes in the global climate, or might authoritarian regimes possibly be better placed to enforce the necessary measures?”

P.Gosselin - January 3, 2011 - NoTricksZone 

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