United Nations Gun Banning Secrets in 'Small Arms Treaty' and What it Will Mean for United States Gun Owners

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 05/20/2010 - 2:41pm.

I know I don't need to tell you that the United Nations is anti-gun... With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading the charge for a new "small arms treaty," our right to keep and bear arms faces a serious threat from the anti-gun conspirators at the UN. ~ Luke O'Dell ~ A MUST SEE Video

As a member or supporter of the National Association for Gun Rights, I thought you might want to watch this Reality Report interview with Executive Director Dudley Brown discussing the threat of a United Nations gun ban.

Watch Dudley's interview and to learn more about the gun-banning secrets of the United Nations' so-called "Small Arms Treaty."

For liberty...
Luke O'Dell
Director of Operations
National Association for Gun Rights

April 16, 2010 - posted at AmmoLand

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 05/20/2010 - 2:41pm.