Ohio... A 70% Disappearance of Bee Population Will Hurt the Economy As Well As Loss of Crops

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 04/24/2010 - 9:55pm.

Walter Schulisch works with bees as a horticulturist at the University of Toledo's Stranahan Arboretum... It's a bizarre mystery for bee keepers... Why are so many honeybees dying?... Whether you realize it or not, the trend is having a direct impact on ALL of us.

"There are three hives here and two of them are dead," Schulisch said while talking about the problem.

Ohio agriculture officials estimate nearly 70 percent of honeybees died over the winter, continuing the trend.

"The main economic impact is the lack of pollination that will decrease crop production," Schulisch said.

Schulisch says bees fly out of the colony and transfer pollen from plants to plants.

The problem is, with fewer bees, fewer crops are being pollinated and, if you reduce the amount of bushels of produce per acre and demand remains the same, the price is going to go up.

The state beekeeper who handles a five-county area including Lucas, Wood and Defiance says the creation of a systemic pesticide in pollen, bee mites and a series of harsh winters in the north may be to blame.

Joe Stoll - April 22, 2010 - source WTOL

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 04/24/2010 - 9:55pm.


Lynn D. (not verified) | Sat, 05/01/2010 - 8:56pm

I strongly suspect that chemspray is the culprit for this phenomenon.

Anonymous (not verified) | Tue, 05/04/2010 - 5:15am

You are not a bee keeper, it has noting to do with chem spray! If you knew about the winter, and what it does to the entire hive, you would know quite well what kills the hive, THEY FREEZE TO DEATH! Lynn do your homework before making foolish comments!

Jonathan | Fri, 12/03/2010 - 12:28pm

I don't know if you are familiar with GMO crops, but if you are not, they are genetically modified organisms, hence the label "GMO". The bees gather up this toxic pollen, which causes them to slowly die.

Please read more about this by searching here: http://www.knowthelies.com/?q=search/no...

100thmonkey (not verified) | Thu, 01/13/2011 - 5:52pm

You can't help but congratulate Monsanto and Bayer for having the financial sense to profit hugely, knowing that there product is directly responsible for the rapid decline in the Worlds bee population. After all, the fact that these most humble creatures may be instrumental in ensuring that the earth can sustain life, should not constitute on missed profit.


Clothianidin, like the other neonicotinoid pesticides that have been temporarily suspended in Germany, is a systemic chemical that works its way through a plant and attacks the nervous system of any insect it comes into contact with. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency it is "highly toxic" to honeybees.

There is volumes of proof that Clothiandin has been the primary cause of the huge loss of bees. Banned in more and more countries. This is not a mistake made my it's producers, it is yet another atrocity in the name of profit
Monsanto have patented huge amounts of genome sequences (including the pig) a swell as ensuring that it has stopped farmers harvesting seed crop that would be the basis of next years harvest.


When was it that we consented to behavior that made life in it's essence and the creation of food property of a corporation ?