Pennsylvania... Taxpayers Paying for DUI Check Points!... County Booking Center Set Up to Draw Blood of 'Suspects'!

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Cumberland County is now in a class of its own when it comes to testing the blood of 'suspected' drunk drivers... (Pennsylvania, you need to wake up! This 'conditioning' of the public is not 'for the children' and you will not 'feel safer'... after you 'show your papers', are questioned, searched, humiliated and have your blood drawn... drunk or not, your info will most likely be stored in a database... forever! WAKE UP! ~ S.I.A)

This past weekend, three men had their blood drawn at the county booking center. It was then analyzed at a county forensic lab.  According to District Attorney Dave Freed all three were over the legal limit.

"In the long run we're not paying for outside lab tests, we're not paying for the time of the people who have been involved in the testing to have to come into court and testify," Freed said.

Freed said the process is unlike any other in the state. A part-time county phlebotomist will man the booking center during peak DUI hours, on Friday and Saturday nights. During those hours police won't have to take a suspect to the hospital for a blood test, meaning they can get back on patrol sooner.

"They're not sitting there and waiting in the hospital," Freed said. "One stop shop, gets them back out on the street doing their job."

But DUI defense attorneys believe the new process raises new issues.

"I worry about the qualifications," said attorney John Mancke of Harrisburg. "I worry about the chain of custody. And I worry about the supervision that's going to occur when you have what is a limited part-time lab."

Mancke said he expects more people will refuse to take the test because they'll be uncomfortable in the new setting.  He said people might also not want their blood taken and analyzed by county employees, when it's the county that may be prosecuting them.

"No other such Pennsylvania county has seen the need, no other such Pennsylvania county has gone to the expense that we're doing as taxpayers in Cumberland County," Mancke said. "There's just no need for this."

Freed strongly disagreed. "Conspiracy theorists will never be satisfied," Freed said. "Blood is drawn in a specific manner, in a sterile environment, tested in a sterile environment.. We're extremely proud of it."

"I'm elected to insure that our processes and systems are honest, and they are," Freed continued. "I wouldn't have let it start if they were not."

Ali Lanyon - Myles Snyder - April 20, 2010 - WHTMNews

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 04/21/2010 - 4:19pm.