The Nationwide Map of A.C.O.R.N. Affiliates

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The below map link was created by Judicial Watch to educate the public about the names, locations, and activities of ACORN branches throughout the U.S. The map information is based on a thorough examination of publicly available records. This map pinpoints the exact locations of 281 ACORN affiliates, including...

  • ACORN - Founded in 1970, with national headquarters in New Orleans, New York, and Washington, DC. ACORN has over 75 regional offices throughout the U.S., and works on issues including voter registration, raising minimum wage, improving education, and providing affordable housing to low-income members.
  • ACORN Housing Corporation - ACORN Housing is the most prominent offshoot of ACORN, and provides services to clients trying to obtain affordable housing. ACORN Housing was created in 1987, and receives funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • ACORN Affiliates - Judicial Watch created a category for all affiliates that are tied with ACORN, including the ACORN Institute, ACORN International, and ACORN Law for Education Representation & Training.
  • ACORN Housing Affiliates - This category specifies associates of ACORN Housing. Many of these housing companies, including ACORN Community Land Association, 385 Palmetto Street Housing Company, and MHANY 2003 HDFC, work closely with ACORN Housing and receive funds from them.
  • Other ACORN Affiliates - In addition to the numerous offices ACORN and ACORN Housing have throughout the U.S., there are additional organizations that are affiliated with ACORN, although their names might imply differently. These groups include Citizens Consulting Incorporated and Citizens Services Incorporated, both of which are responsible for organizing many of ACORN's activities. Other known affiliates include the Affiliated Media Foundation Movement, the American Environmental Justice Project, AGAPE Broadcasting Foundation, the Working Families Organization, and the Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Organizing Council.

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Housing Offices
Housing Affiliates
Other Affiliates

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, more commonly known as ACORN, is the subject of much debate. Self-described as the nation's largest grassroots community organization for people with low to moderate incomes, ACORN says that it is committed to "social and economic justice" and helping "those who have historically been locked out" to become involved in the democratic system. Since it rose to prominence during the 2008 election though, ACORN has become better known for a series of scandals, from voter registration fraud[1] to embezzlement[2] and encouraging illegal activities including prostitution and exploitation of minors.[3]

The controversy surrounding ACORN has been investigated by numerous sources, including Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), ranking member on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, lead by Darrell Issa.[4] ACORN has been the subject of investigations conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, the Corporation for National and Community Service, the United States Congress, and the Federal Election Committee. However, these investigations have had little impact on the organization and have failed to bring about any reform. Due to a scandal that came to light in September 2009, however, ACORN is finally receiving attention both from the media and from government. After conservative reporters caught ACORN employees offering advice on how to conduct prostitution and hide illegal immigrants within the U.S., Congress held votes to bar ACORN from receiving certain government funding. In response to scandals surrounding the organization, ACORN announced an internal investigation to examine its practices on September 17, 2009.[5]

source JudicialWatch


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