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Census 2010: overreaching and out of bounds. Intrusive. Harassing. I have now received two Census forms and thirteen or fourteen notices from the Census Bureau, and they are still coming.

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For the past month I have been called, harassed and visited numerous times by a Pamela Childs of the Census Bureau, who was pursuing me for an interview. Knowing my rights under the law, even under the current Obama coup, I did not respond. I filled out my form — that which is required by law — but still received calls, visits, and notes. Daily.

At one point, I left a message saying I would not speak to her. Period. Mind you, I already filled out and sent in my form the day after I got it.

This nonsense began a month ago. A week passed after my last visit from Childs, and now I am being harassed again by another census drone, Constance Atman. They want to interview me poisonally. Thursday mail brought me two more letters from the Census — both from Atman's supervisor, Lester A. Farthing, Regional Director.

Farthing complained: "our Representative has been unable to reach you after numerous attempts." And he wasn't giving up: "Because of the importance of this survey, we would appreciate you telling us how you can be contacted."

The country is going bankrupt, and they can't throw money away fast enough on this power play.

It's pretty clear that, as Dick Morris predicted last summer, Barack Obama intends to use the census to establish artificial Democrat majorities that will fix the upcoming elections and make sure that his socialist/internationalist policies take hold in America for decades to come.

Remember how, in February 2009, Obama cynically tried to circumvent the Constitution by removing the Census from the jurisdiction of the Commerce Department and moving it to the White House — a brazen attempt to steal voting power for certain states and partisan groups within states.

He also wanted to involve his scandal-ridden cronies of ACORN in the gathering of data for the Census. And he allocated one billion dollars in the porkulous package for the already automatically funded census taking.

And so census goons are now prying into my private life. Welcome to Oganda [2] - America dominated by Obama Propaganda.

I suspect there is more in the offing. I am not a member of the Libertarian party, nor do I back their positions on drugs, foreign policy and the like, but I agree with the statement of their chairman, William Redpath, that "the federal government's current census procedures are unconstitutional, unnecessary, and too expensive." Redpath pointed out that "the census is constitutionally limited to collecting only one piece of information about each residence: the number of persons living in it."

Redpath made a vital recommendation: "We urge Congress to change the census laws to comply with this constitutional limitation." I certainly agree with that. And he added:

The U.S. Constitution empowers Congress to provide for a census in order to apportion Representatives correctly. The Constitution does not empower Congress to use a census for any other purpose.

There is no need for Congress to collect additional information such as names, races, ages, sexes, or home ownership status. Unfortunately, the federal government wants to use the additional information to fine-tune its control over the lives and money of the American people.

Meanwhile, American citizens are not taking this lying down. One reader of my blog,, was selected (that is, compelled) to complete the insidiously intrusive "American Community Survey."

After not answering some of the question, this reader received a call from the Census Bureau, and explains: "Fact is that the Bureau didn't like the fact that I would not reveal racial issues, health issues, health insurance, the plumbing in my home, details of employment, what transportation I use, marital history, taxes I pay, my phone service, education and many other prying questions found in this packet."

Another reader sent me a copy of the Census form that he sent back. He answered all the questions that he is actually required by law to answer; over the rest, he wrote: "Go pound sand."

That's the free American spirit, the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, of those who protested against the Stamp Act.

American must protest the partisan appropriation and intrusive data-gathering of Census 2010. Obama is once again overstepping his Constitutional bounds. Free citizens must call him on it.

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Pamela Geller - March 22, 2010 - source BigGovernment

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 03/24/2010 - 3:46pm.