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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 02/20/2008 - 7:51pm.

Jack Blood, on his radio show Deadline Live on the GCN Radio Network takes on the wolf in sheeps clothing, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is more dangerous than Bush because he has grassroots support from people who dont understand his stance on issues. Obama is actually more pro war than Bush. This video is Jack Bloods mock speech from Obama showing Obamas true stance on the issues.     SEE THE VIDEOS!   


Hear what Jack Blood has to say about all of this!



 I was getting curious as to why Obama, has been dethroning the heir apparent, Hillary Clinton, and gaining such a wide following. You can't even turn on the news without seeing his face blasted on every news channel. a man who can mesmerize the masses, talking of standing up to organized money, to lobbyists, special interests, but his whole political apparatus is made of members of the same globalist organizations that most of Bush`s administration is made up of, except this time the stated agenda is CHANGE & YES WE CAN

The mantle is being passed, and it seems that Henry Kissinger`s associate, and one worlder
Zbigniew Brzezinski,along with David Rockefeller, the co-founders/directors of the Trilateral Commission,a group an institution that openly declares itself a supranational government on their website, is going to have their very own puppet to play with, as well as massive powers that Bush signed onto

The change that is coming, comes in the form of doubled foreign aid, carbon taxes, poverty taxes in the form of 0.7% of the GDP, and thats just for starters, increasing the size of the military, expanding the theatres of operations, the expansion of surveillance...who even knows what will happen between now and then

The open dismantling of the US, the merging of the North American Union, and really the dawn of the RFID tracking age. A President of the world's dying superpower will have to oversee the transition into biometric scanning and a cashless society

Do you think anyone will by it from Bush? of course not, but you can be absolutely sure Obama will sell this system to everyone, and grab those guns as fast as he can.

I've spent much time watching his speeches, listening to his words, watching his mannerisms, bringing crowds to fever pitch frenzy, with a media campaign behind him that no money can buy, thanks to links and connections that almost ensure his victory as Democratic nominee, having Hilary retain a Dick Cheney type position.

If you think you put up with tyranny under the Bush administration, you can just imagine what's ahead.

Makes me wonder if some sort of 'world leader' anti-christ type situation will develop, with the elite making the big moves for everything.

Jack Blood


Listen to Deadline Live with Jack Blood 2-4 PM Central on the GCN radio network http://www.gcnlive.com
Download archives of his past shows on http://nw0.info under the radio section.  

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 02/20/2008 - 7:51pm.