They Once Burned Books...

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 03/01/2010 - 7:55pm.

The flames could be seen clearly in small streets far away from the city square. It was not the smoke or ashes, rather the sense of excitement that provided warmth and exhilaration. Jan came running in from the outside, his face red, eyes shining. His mother looked at him puzzled. Short of breath he exclaimed... 'They are burning books - tomorrow we are not going to school'!

It was many years ago in a different part of the world books were burned. Treatises on philosophy, history, culture, the arts, sciences and medicine were carefully determined inappropriate and dangerous. Their writers' only guilt, a sin as old as the Devil Himself, was their religious affiliation - they were Jews. In fact, the burners not altogether careful, every once in a while in their zeal included a book by a non-Jewish author.

Over the decades it seemed such an event could not reoccur. The slogan "Never Again!" reminds us of one of humanity's darkest hours when layers were peeled off to expose only the rotten, and evil fermented and multiplied. We were clearly wrong. Most have forgotten this not-so-ancient promise and the prophecy that history will repeat itself is now being fulfilled in front our eyes.

It is 2010, the dawn of a new decade. The innocence of youth mingled with inner wisdom of our ancestors' experiences guide the very young 21st century. Yet, our urge to run before we walk is too strong, like Jan's excitement while his mother shuddered.

Five thousand dollars worth of detergents produced in a Jewish town in Judea and Samaria was confiscated from an Arab driving the consignment and was then destroyed. Using Israeli-made products "stands contrary to the national and moral obligations of the Palestinians." Particularly when the production takes place in Judea and Samaria. The egregious action was sanctioned by no other than Israel's "partners for peace," the Palestinian Authority.

Once they burned books, now the Palestinian Prime Minister participates in such burning events. It might have been fruits during the event in which he participated, at the same time Jewish people around the world celebrated the New Year of the Trees. Jews build and innovate; the so-called Palestinians destroy and kill.

Yesterday, the Presidents of the Major Jewish Organizations in the USA went to visit that very same Prime Minister to see if peace could be advanced. They like Jan, while like Jan's mother, fear evident in her eyes, I am amazed: Why are we those who initiate, bother, make the effort and extend a hand while our enemy, whose sights are clearly not set on peace, acts forcefully and effectively against us? Could a plea from B'nai Brith to Hitler have saved six million?

Israelis have long employed Arabs. Even at the most orthodox "settlements," Arabs earn a respectable living and work alongside observant Jews, learning a trade, often treated like family. Israelis simply know no other way. Then one of those same Arabs returns with an axe and murders a young child, and attempts to kill another.

Israeli doctors treat Arabs, and then a young Arab woman comes for treatment, using a special Israeli waiver allowing her passage for health reasons. She was strapped with explosives as repayment, what she believed to be an "All Merciful" type of payment.

Arabs once worked in construction and to this very day are employed in numerous jobs in Israel. Is there anything wrong with this picture?

Once they burned books. Today they have embarked on a very effective campaign, sophisticated propaganda against the Jewish right to the Land of Israel. The response? To achieve peace, we must better their economic conditions, claims the Israeli Prime Minister.

Is everyone blind in Israel, or has everyone fallen victim to the most extraordinary campaign of deceit embarked upon since the Nazi regime? Apparently, in the Mediterranean little makes sense, history repeats itself and one should never be surprised.

"Gaza Under Siege" is another aspect of the Campaign to Destroy the Jewish State. The "Siege" is so effective, indeed, that people around the world protest to this very day against the Israeli "disproportional response," "atrocities" committed and the on-going blockade.

The Response? Humanitarian aid continues to flow from Israel, alongside fuel and electricity. Israel stands accused even as she continues sending Social Security funds into Gaza. Israelis are blamed for war crimes and crimes against humanity, yet they provide medical service, send an elevator to a hospital in Gaza and work to fight an outbreak of H1N1 in humans or Bird Flu among animals.

Jan's mother was horrified, for her son did not know better. When humanity degrades itself to burning books, the end of days has come. I am petrified as I see the real entity under siege: Israel is being blamed for sins she never committed. Israeli doctors are being excluded from conferences and Israeli academics are not allowed into professional societies, memberships are being denied and participation is prohibited.

Israeli officials, at the highest levels, are unable to land in many countries lest they be tried for imaginary crimes, wrongly accused as a means of deterrence and an excuse for hatred. Worse, Israelis are being boycotted, multinationals are beginning to divest from Israel and she may soon find herself unable to export - whether produce, goods, services or knowledge and human capital.

We are still in the early stages of this campaign of evil. At present, Israeli officials are being silenced, they are not allowed to speak freely at universities around the world. The truth is unable to surface under the expanding web of lies and hatred.

Will Israel be able to survive on her own, until everyone finally recognizes the true nature of the beast? Will it be too late? How is it that we just live again the horrors of the past and those who can still remember keep silent?

Once they burned books, then they burned bodies, mountains of bodies of children, women and men, young and old, healthy and frail. Their only sin was being Jewish. Today they start the process again, yet the crematoriums are still cold. We must stop the process before the ovens are warmed up, for we will be unable to stop it once the ashes start spewing from the tall chimneys the world over.

Ari Bussel - February 25, 2010 - source NewMediaJournal

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 03/01/2010 - 7:55pm.


Eric (not verified) | Tue, 03/02/2010 - 2:02am

If you read the bible, espcially in the book of Revelations, and throughout other parts, you will find that, Israel being the land of God's chosen people, the Jewish people, will be subject to persecution from the world, many nations will turn against Israel and will fall under one leader.

One way to bring together this many nations is a world-wide crisis. Whose Economy is doing really great as of right now? Whose isn't? If one leader from one country were to suddenly bring peace, have unexplainable appeal and success in all his efforts, be unnaturally persuasive, and lead people in a campaign to fix the problem?

A certain 'leader' fits this description.

What kind of charisma does it take to get Iran to open up to 'peace talks'? And get a Nobel Peace Prize just for getting them to 'talk'?

There are many signs, study up on American politics for a while, read Revelations in the bible and a few other reference books, you'll understand.

Pay atention to what is going on in your world.