The Future Of Big Brother Surveillance... Playstation 3?

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A U.S. Military research team recently built a supercomputer with over 2,000 PlayStation 3 game consoles. The 500 TeraFLOPS Heterogeneous Cluster is almost 100,000 times faster than any  high-end processors in existence today. ~ Videos

This is an insanely powerful and fast computer for those of you that are computer illiterate.


It is interesting that the U.S. Military would use the PS3 for it's Cell Broadband Engine Architecture. This Architecture gives it an edge over all other processors and can be used as a portable supercomputer when broke down into groups of 8-10 ps3 consoles making it very efficient for surveillance activities in a large metropolitan area rather inexpensively by giving the military or police the capability to monitor internet or phone communications. This may explain the recent push for warrantless searches of cell phones in America and the U.K. as both countries tend to mirror or share technologies.

The Obama administration and many prosecutors' claim warrantless searches are  constitutional during arrests, but what if the portable supercomputers were used to gain evidence for an arrest without meeting fourth amendment requirements? The Feds and police are pushing for warrantless searches of cell phones as a new 3.4 billion dollar Homeland Security Complex in being built in Washington D.C.

It is entirely conceivable that this massive intelligence complex could be loaded with ps3 supercomputers, and if so would it be for monitoring millions of Jihadi's? Doubtful. It could be possible that these inexpensive supercomputers could be used for monitoring an rfid tracked population via mobile command centers in your local community wired in to a massive data center.

Virginia recently passed legislation that prohibits human rfid tracking/ chipping of citizens. It is very possible that the capabilities of these inexpensive supercomputers are perfect for the "mark of the beast" scenario.

Don't think it's possible?

Sen Jay Rockefeller openly said that it would be best if the internet never existed and Nicholas Rockefeller told Aaron Russo that the end goal in America is to get everyone chipped with rfid and " if they don't like it we will just turn off their chip".

Under the guise of internet security, internet 2 will give absolute control of all information on the internet to the government much like China censors it's users as well as give the increase in broadband speed to allow the government to easily process all data related to rfid and phone communications.


It seems that another "legal Pandora's box" once opened will inevitably shred fourth amendment requirements and set legal precedent in the U.S. for law enforcement to snoop through the details of your life for any reason they see fit.

February 19, 2010 - source ConspiringTimes

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 02/20/2010 - 12:52am.