Warning Signs!... Impending False Flag Attack at Olympics!

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Global tension is escalating at an alarming rate, and yes, this idea that there could be a false-flag attack during the Olympics is purely speculation based on factual current events and historical precedent, but I feel the mention of it is justified in the interest of our national security to keep an eye on potentially dangerous overlapping occurrences. ~ Marc Stinebaugh

The games will take place in Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler from Feb. 12th until Feb. 28th. Below, I have compiled the following *suspicious activity and coincidences by searching and analyzing the news from various media sources and by speaking with my own contacts*.

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In my opinion, an attack during the Olympics while it is being highly guarded would be the perfect way to bring in more police state measures and to more fully integrate the US and Canada into a functioning North American Union; I will provide some evidence of this taking place already but there may be another motive at work here to expand the "war on terror" into more nations while blaming an attack on their scapegoat for everything, Al-Qaeda; however, the question remains, is that what will happen? In more recent news, it looks as if Iran may be the one to take the blame.


1.)  2004 and the case of the missing security badges and uniforms

"Documents obtained by CBC News show that 1,127 uniform items belonging to Canadian airport screeners were lost or stolen in a nine-month period. Senator Colin Kenny holds up a copy of his committee's 2003 report on airport security. Nearly a quarter of those items had the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) logo on them. Among the missing items are 91 metal shields that act as security badges, which worries Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, the chair of the Senate's national security and defense committee."

"Kenny says the problem isn't restricted merely to these items. He says pilots' uniforms have gone missing as have police uniforms."

"Ask yourself who could steal such items, and of such volume?"

2.) Kinder Morgan, Dyno Nobel, Goldman Sachs, CIA and the missing Ammonium Nitrate in Vancouver

Two tons of Ammonium Nitrate, (a fertilizer used in making powerful explosives) went missing from a shipment to a storage facility after leaving the packaging plant at Dyno Nobel. The company that owns the Ammonium Nitrate is one that was recently purchased for a whopping $22 billion by some of the world's largest financial companies. The buyout is being led by co-founder and chairman Richard D. Kinder, a ex-Enron executive. The companies involved in the purchase are Goldman Sachs, AIG, The Carlye Group and Riverstone Holdings. If that doesn't get you interested, I don't know what will.

The company that was purchased is called Kinder Morgan, it uses a lightning bolt (a common symbol used by occult religions to represent a serpent) on its logo. Kinder Morgan didn't report the two tons missing to the police for over a month, when they did report it they came back a week later only to say they had simply made a "clerical error", so the police could stop looking for it. Soon after the announcement, the RCMP started their investigation anyways and came back saying they cannot confirm that it was really accounted for.

Kinder Morgan has also tried to disperse the blame by pointing out to everyone that they are only one company in the chain that had contact with the shipments, I'm glad they did, because things are about to get more interesting following that lead.

250 truckloads were reportedly sent to Dyno Nobel, (formerly known as Hercules Powder, Dyno Nobel is an explosives company with ties to the OK City bombing and CIA) for packaging, because apparently, only an explosives company can correctly package some fertilizer. There were also trucking companies hired to ship the product that the RCMP is supposedly attempting to track down and interview.

To put this into perspective, it is claimed by the government that only one ton of this material was used during the Oklahoma City bombing, and now two tons are missing. That amount would be more than enough material to cause substantial damage to numerous locations.

On the topic of Dyno Nobel, I would also like to point out the people involved with Dyno Nobel. The owner's name is Marshall Riconosciuto, and his son is a known CIA asset named Michael J. Riconosciuto who was highly skilled in many sciences.

Former FBI investigator Ted Gunderson says that the Ammonium Nitrate bomb in the Oklahoma City truck bombing was only a cover for the more powerful bombs in the building, some of which didn't detonate and were even found!

Michael J. Riconosciuto apparently designed those bombs at Dyno Nobel, they are called "Barometric Bombs" or "Pineapple Bombs". Michael J. Riconosciuto had some connections too, while incarcerated, he had his lawyer send a letter to Colin Powell on February 19th, 2001 warning of an impending attack (9/11)he had information on that would take place soon.

Marc Stinebaugh - February 10, 2010 - source InfoWars

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 02/11/2010 - 9:43pm.