Two More African News Agencies Says Obama is "Kenyan Born"!

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Even as the Hawaiian Advertiser scrubs its report of January 8, 2006, in which they identified Barack Hussein Obama as born overseas, two more African newssites have come to light which report the former U.S. Senator as "Kenyan-born". ~ October 16, 2009 - John Charlton 

The present report is a follow-up to The Post & Email's previous reports of

Oct. 14, 2009 — AP declares Obama "Kenyan-Born"!

Oct. 15, 2009 — Google's archive shows Obama's birth story has changed

To forestall any attempt at Internet revisionism, The Post & Email has cached and image captured the pages of each Nigerian paper, featured in this report.

The Nigerian Observer proclaims Obama "Kenyan-born" on Nov. 4, 2008

It's there for the world to see, at least as of this morning...

Nigerian Observer

The Nigerian Observer declares Obama "Kenyan-born", Nov. 4, 2008

The report reads as follows:

US Presidential Polls: Obama, McCain Slug It Out Today


WASHINGTON - Americans will today go to the polls to elect their next President with Democratic Party candidate, Senator Barack Obama largely favoured to win.

The Kenyan-born Senator will, however, face a stiff competition from his Republican counterpart, John McCain who has taken the presidential battle to the finishing line with vigorous campaign strategies.

The date of the report, Nov. 4, 2008, can be read in the URL of the page.  The report cites News Agencies as its source.

The Newspage Weekly of Nigeria proclaims Obama "Kenyan-born"

In a piece written after the national conventions of each party had chosen their candidates, that it, at about the  beginning of October, 2008: the Newspage Weekly published this article...

Newspage Weekly

Nigeria's Newspage declares Obama "Kenya-born", October, 2008

The Newspage article is served from a database and so has no intrinsic dating.

It reads in part:

Barak Obama is a politician who grew up with differing ideas probably due to his background. Someone who believes in the ability to unite people around a politics of purposes, the Illinois Senator has been known for working with both Democrats and Republicans to help working families get ahead of creating programs like the state earned income tax credit. In three years, the said project provided over $100 million in tax cuts to families across the state. The Kenya-born Senator, who is being considered by some of his admirers as the "New Kennedy" also pushed through an expansion of early childhood education. In another development, after a number of inmates on death row were found innocent, he worked with law enforcement officials to require the videotaping of interrogations and confessions in all capital offence cases.

No other campaign in memory has had such an issue with news stories nationally and internationally which can't get "the facts straight" about the birth and origin of their man.  Seeing that the Campaign was the first and ultimate source of information about Obama, what does that say about their consistency with the press?  Seeing that the Obama Campaign has in the last year been so efficient in getting anomalous reports quietly scrubbed from the net; how is it that these discrepancies occured in the first place?

John Charlton - October 16, 2009 - Reposted February 7, 2010 - source ThePost&Email

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 02/07/2010 - 11:39pm.