Chloramine in Drinking Water... Leads to DNA Destruction and is a Mutagenic!

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Chloramine is a toxin added to drinking water. It is a secondary disinfectant used by many States as a primary disinfectant. Chloramine is ammonia added to chlorine to make chloramine. Chlorine has been shown from animal and human research to cause breast cancer in humans. ~ Dr. Winn Parker

Listed in the MSDS industrial chemistry book with an "X" and to be used only in an emergency to attempt to destroy liver flukes and Cryptosporidium in humans. Chloramine does not have an antidote and is genotoxic, meaning DNA destruction and is a mutagenic, meaning it causes tissue mutations.

Chloramine cannot be boiled out of the water and can kill fish in hobby tanks.

Hemodialysis patients have a special consideration not to have chloramine in their blood. They could die in minutes. Extensive carbon filters are not an appropriate solution to take the nitrogen out of the ammonia.

Chronic kidney disease causes the organs to slowly lose their ability to filter waste out of the bloodstream. Many of the 20 million estimated to have kidney disease do not know it. Water Utility Districts are asking humans to be a human processing plant for the chooramine in the body.

There are presently known 1,500 disinfectant by-products in the drinking water with several know secondary carcinogenic products from the chemistry pathway. Human as a processing plant can bioaccumulate the nitrogen-toxins from an impaired kidney, liver or impaired immune system such as AIDS.

The bioaccumulation of amine toxins and secondary cancer products such as Bromides from the chemistry of water toxins are going to accumulate even in various doseage of ammonia to chlorine in the drinking water.

Chloramine in drinking water can enter the digestion and blood stream in another form called nitrogen balance. Nitrogen balance refers to the difference between nitrogen intake and total nitrogen loss in urine, sweat and bowel elimination.

Ammonia derived mainly from a breakdown of amino acid pathways is toxic to all animals. Human tissues therefore, initially detoxify ammonia by converting it to glutamine for transport to the liver. Collateral health damage from ammonia upsets the pH balance of the body.

If the liver is functioning properly, it releases ammonia converted into no-toxic nitrogen-rich compound urea in the urine. If the amine of the liver is compromised, ammonia accumulates in the blood and generates serious consequences.

N-nitrosodiumethyamine (NDMA) is a probable carcinogen and a likely by-product of drinking water. Collateral health damage from this secondary cancer by-product, NDMA, will probably decrease immunity in the human body. Journal AWWA, Feb. 2001, Vol.93, No. 2 pp. 92-99.

Thyroid damage from perchlorate and other secondary carcinogens in healthy men and the white cell damage to decrease immunity is accentuated by iodite and haloacetic acids in the drinking water chemistry pathway. Percholate in the drinking water causes follicular thyroid cancer and does NOT dissipate in nine days from the body as proclaimed by Deans of Medical schools.

Collateral health damage occurs when chloamine interacts with certain medicines, such as, antidepressants. Neural-tube mutations and sperm head breakages are clinical reseach areas that should be continued under several of the clinical protocols I have reviewed from the peer-review Government research that was not continued after 1989.

The EPA directive was at that time for the States to use chloramine as a disinfectant with knowledge that animal studies showed cancer in the liver and leukemia in animals. The past reseach does not fit the present EPA to continue this research since the chloramine is considered dose-related under the theory of present medicine, that "a little bit of toxin will not harm you."

Chloramine has been identified in causation of infrastructure pipe deterioation releasing lead and other toxins from pipes eaten away by chloramine throughout America. This could and is costing consumers billions of dollars and adversely impacting public health.

Health officers throughout America are using antiquated epidemiology models for continuing the use of chloramine in water by stating, "there is not substantial adverse effect" from it use. In clinical medicine this is called medical negligence with unexplained American rashs and metabolic disorders from patients with undiagnosed symptoms.

The long-term solution is to eventually replace all significant lead-bearing materials that are used in the water system, such as, recycled water made from sewage water that is blended with drinking water, in spite of the denial of its use by city officials.

We need a national movement at the headwaters for alternate enginnering technologies for ozenation and ultraviolet light and reverse osmosis and plasma laser technologies and replace the pipe infrastructure. Health costs alone will provide the economy of scale for end-organ diseases in America.

After the installation of alternative technologies we will not have to set tort damage caps as in the Federal Tort Law from wrongful death suits in different State jurisdictions and Appelate Courts in equity. Since chloramine is a toxin added to the water, water qualifies to be labeled nationally as a toxin.

Bottled water should have a label of ingredients for disinfectant by-products. We as Americans should have a right to vote what is in our water and in our food supply irrigated by the toxic water.


Dr. Winn Parker - March 5, 2009 - source RepublicBroadcasting


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 6:34pm.